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clone from already budding plant

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nightshd, Feb 15, 2010.


    nightshd Active Member

    i had a plant pretty far along into flowering, a bagseed that turned out to be an awesome producer and have no smell at all, like none at all, so i wanted to clone her, i took two cuttings and rooted them successfully, but then they both took a turn for the worse when i put them in my growbox, i think maybe nute burn, and one died. now the remaining one has kind of recovered, the leaves stopped dying and theres new growth at the budsites. all the fan leaves died when it was stressed, the only leaves are the little ones coming out from the buds, and the only growth i can see is new pistils and calyxes. so im wondering if this little guy will get much bigger or just pack on a lilttle weight at the bud sites(put it on 12 12 after it rooted)? i was hoping it wouid branch enough to take a couple more clones.

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