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clippings/trimmings how to dry

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by chrome9k, Nov 9, 2008.


    chrome9k Well-Known Member

    how do you dry the trimmings from the bud?

    paper bag?

    Gor Active Member

    I keep the top folded closed and shake it morning, noon, & night. Check it every day until it can be smoked. Enjoy!
    ultimate procrastinator

    ultimate procrastinator Well-Known Member

    Yeah, what do you guys usually do with trimmings? (I mean the little leaves coming out from the bud)

    I assume they are trimmed off because they don't taste so good when smoked. I am harvesting soon but only have 3 plants so I doubt I will have enough trim to make hash from the trichomes. Should I just smoke it once I run out of bud? I was thinking of using it to make cannabutter but I haven't been successful in that sort of endeavor so far.

    chrome9k Well-Known Member

    i ended up putting the trimmings into a cardboard box with paper towel on th ebottom...

    is that ok? can i shake that every morning noon and night?

    what exactly does the shaking do

    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    The shaking just moves around the leaves, that's why they call it shake you know.:hump:

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    just keep the moisture down inside the box, and dry air able to flow through it... should be just fine.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    nope, I spread it out over a window screen.goes real fast as air can flow through it.

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