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Clipping Off the Water leaves (Sucker leaves)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Gregito, Oct 19, 2008.


    Gregito Well-Known Member

    Hey does any one agree with me that when you clip off the sucker leaves, it makes the buds grow better. Every time i give the plant a good trim, it seems like the buds start to double in size. Every time i do this i give it plenty of water and a lil bit of sugar. My theory is that when you take alot of the leaves off is that it sends the plant into a regenerative state, and it pushes the buds to grow bigger. Its like a beneficial recovery cycle, does anyone agree with me on this?

    Kingb420 Well-Known Member

    i hope soo, i have cut a few

    Gregito Well-Known Member

    Seriously, i think it does. I got a firm belief.

    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    when u say sugar, do you mean sugar like a black woman would ask for a bit o love, or litrally diluted sugar in water you feed your plant?
    if u mean love sugar, then would feeding diluted sugar water benifit the plant?

    Gregito Well-Known Member

    lol no, just like sugar as in sweetener. Not alot though.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Im a firm beleaver in triming the big fan leaves, let light hit the lower buds
    and adds to air being able to circulate around hens better envirment.

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    you guys are crazy :roll::eyesmoke:

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    i second that notion ^

    greenleaftoker Well-Known Member

    lol... so you shouldnt clip off the larger leaves?.. cuz i've heard it promotes bud growth too

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    um no...sun leaves play a major role in feeding your plant and its bud sites.
    66 north

    66 north Well-Known Member

    I agree mother nature put those leaves on there 4 a reason and a damn good at that , I just feel ya would be screwing with mother nature in a way that would take away from the plant.
    honkeytown likes this.

    Grade Well-Known Member

    why would a plant have the large fan leaves if it grew bigger buds without them?? surely natural evolution would have rendered them not needed if that was the case?? im no scientist but arn't those leaves there to take in light for photosynthesis, therefore creating larger buds?? please someone correct me if im wrong!!

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    has anyone added this to the bad advice thread yet? :lol:

    O4aUsErNaMe Well-Known Member

    no but i think it should head in that direction:eyesmoke:

    Gregito Well-Known Member

    If you say so bro. Ill stick w/ my clippin. Never done me wrong before.

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    leaves = energy
    energy = bud growth
    no leaves = no bud growth.

    Want a graph?

    Gregito Well-Known Member

    All them big ass fan leaves do is drip water off of them, being how they alway droop down (unless yer giving Viagra to your plant) so the rain water can run off of them. I think it has plenty of other leaves to absorb light for photosynthesis. Its like stressing your roots and running them dry so the plant produces more THC, the plant acts like it must recover, so it grows bigger and stronger, with more thc. Kinda like saying what dosent kill only makes stronger. If your outdoors and you get alot of rain, then id say it would be a good idea to keep the fan leaves, But if your indoor id say get rid of em.

    Gregito Well-Known Member

    Just try it, then you may know what im talking about. Its not like whatever leaves you pick off arent gonna grow back anyway.

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    those big fan leaves are there to absorb light energy to help feed your plants. taking them off just removes more potential sites from where your plant can absorb the light
    Big P

    Big P Well-Known Member

    its true greito, you are hurting your yields

    and think about it, u are in no position to state if your method is better cuz you have only tried your method

    if the leaf isnt getting any or enough light it will turn yellow fall off and die. the mear fact that it is green shows that the process of photosynthisis is going on

    also not to mention leaves are used to store energy so the ones you are cutting off are like little green fresh battaries full of energy that you are robbing your plant of and wasting your nutes on since you cut them off

    many books say cut nothing off unless its only 50% green or less.

    other than that you are hurting your plant.

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