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Clearing up pistils vs trich color for determining when to harvest

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by potpimp, Dec 3, 2011.


    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    I see this all the time and I know it must be confusing to a lot of new growers, so I want to correct a misunderstanding about something. When it comes to harvesting your buds, the pistils have absolutely nothing to do with anything; pistils are merely the receptors for a grain of pollen. Pistils are the female reproductive organ; pollen is the male reproductive version. When a grain of pollen lands on a pistil, it retracts into the plant and makes a seed. The color of the pistils are not an indicator of when to harvest.

    As for the trichs, there is clear, cloudy and amber. Without getting into the science of degrading THC, CBD, CNN and FDIC, you need to know for yourself how the different stages of trich colors affect the "high". I'm posting this chart for your information. Since people have a wide difference of opinion on what stage to harvest, just make your own call. If you like a heady, trippy high, chop early; if you like couchlock, chop late; or make the call anytime in between.

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    wee9bar Member

    i just googled that question an it told me different but it sounds like u no what ur talking about this is a bud of my lady 80% hairs r red/orange but going 2 retest the crystals soon cause i wud of classed the cloudy trichromes as clear. so going 2 retest it to be sure
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    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    There is sooooo much myth and misconception passed around on any forum. Of course there is differences of opinion out there but I know this to be right. Best wishes on your grow!

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