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Clear Cloudy Amber

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by boo-dank, Sep 20, 2007.


    boo-dank Active Member

    I have a question or two on trichomes.

    Is there a average time frame between the the time you notice cloudy trichomes till they start to turn Amber?

    I know this is probally a strain related question but its bagseed so I dont know the strain but I do know its mostly sativa.

    Is it possable for the trichomes to still go thru the changes for the first day or so of harvest if the plant was cut all in one piece instead of clipping each branch of buds?

    Also Are cloudy trichomes good enough? I got a scope on saturday and I didnt look at the plant in question too good but as I remember I thought the trichomes were clear, on wensday witch was the end of the 8th week I looked very good and saw mostly cloudy trichomes if not all cloudy.

    I really dont want to cough when useing meds so I dont think I want to go to amber trichomes to get a coughlock high if that is even what that means.

    Sorry for asking 3 questinos on one post but I want to make sure I take the plants at the right time and not early.
    Thanx for reading.

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    This usually means that you want to harvest early. Wait, and keep checking.

    You know how many times I've seen people say they dont' want a couchlock high? Just say you want to harvest now. LoL

    boo-dank Active Member

    Hmmm sorry I have no need to harvest early thats why I was asking if cloudy was good enough. I cough too much as it is.

    ruby Active Member

    I pulled mine today and they looked kinda lavender/amber....I've never in my life seen such small buds in all my life...And what in the hell do you do with all the leaves geeze!!! I wish I had that many buds. What the hell it's my first grow. I have plenty of crummy seeds left so next year I guess, sad is what i am tonight...My hubby even got a laugh out of my harvest!!!

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    Look at it like this, you don't want to cough alot right. If you harvest it before it's fully mature that's "that" much more smoke you will have to inhale to catch one. Let it go to full maturity if possible, hopefully it will be the one hitter. A good curing might solve the harsh smoke problem more than anything else.

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    If you have time, you might as well wait it out.

    You don't have to harvest all at the same time
    so if you feel they are ready now, take some
    more developed buds and let the others go.

    It's better for your experience and you will
    get to see the plant go through the full life
    cycle. Don't worry about getting couch-lock,
    you won't be disappointed either way.

    boo-dank Active Member

    Thanx for the reply. I didnt want to let the color go to full amber. I seen in other post that cloudy is good for a head high and amber is a body high and of 50/50 would be both.
    The chart of the trichomes that is always on this and many websites that shows the three stages of the color of the trichromes does not say to take the plant when the trichomes are amber... which leads me to ask the question are cloudy trichomes good enough?

    mambokabui Well-Known Member

    Hey boodank those are some very good questions.

    But I am sorry to say I dont know the answer, am I also sorry all the other coments just said wait till harvest and did not answer the questions.

    stonecold Well-Known Member

    this is my opinion, this is my first grow to, i think you should wait till there amber, i believe the stuff that makes you cough is the stuff that isnt cured right. the longer you wait the better quaility weed you will have, make sure you cure it properly and you will have some nice weed that isnt harsh on the lungs if cured right

    marcus420 Well-Known Member

    It seems you are mistaken the word "couchlock" that is reffering to a strong body buzz uncured or way overdried buds with any color trichomes will be harsh tasting and make you cough If you are seeing no amber trichomes and all you are seeing is cloudy chances are you are a little early i have been waiting until I see at least some amber trichomes and then I place the plant in darkness for 48 hours (not sure if this actually helps...) then chop it I have had no complaints since i got my scope. I have very little experience with sativa dominant strains but 8 weeks sounds fast for sativa I have one that barely has buds on it at 4.5 weeks flowering...This plant had issues which im sure is part of the reason for the slow start but I can see now this plant is growing great. As far as your plants if there is no need to harvest i would let it go until you see some amber trichs If you need it now it will get you stoned but you are losing out on some quality and they tend to fatten up at the end. good luck

    ruby Active Member

    my bro ther in law cooks all his green i those chocolate chip ready made cookies because he is afraid of getting lung cancer from smokin too much...he gave me some after i ate a few cookies i got a pretty good buz but i'd rather smoke myself....he had to really work the shit out of the weed, he has ;one of those big ass food processers, and grinds the hell out of the weed then when ready smashes it in the choc. chip cookies....the freezes what he doesn't eat...by the time he is finished ;you can't even taste the weed hardly like some brownies i'e had...other wise get an ice bong and cool the smoke off i always cough especially if the weed is really good!!good luck and happy harvest i would not harvest too early either (i did and lived to regret it) at least i have 5 more to go. LOL RUBY

    Lacy New Member

    Awweeee! :-( That's too bad.
    Tell hubby not to laugh. :finger:...for hubby...not you..j/k

    GrowinBomb707 Active Member

    start a 2 week flush at cloudy, and use plain water with a little carbo load or sweetleaf to give your plants enough energy to survive the long flush... also id recomend a dose of "gravity" from humboldt county prior to flushing... that would be what id do... but i grow in coco... and have no exp. in soil.. goodluck

    humbocino Active Member

    Ok, so if you flush for 2 wks. How many waterings would you need to do in that time frame for an appropriate flush?
    I grow in soiled beds not pots. Say for instance I do my first flush and the soil is quite wet for a up to a week or longer and I only get one or two full applications of water/molasses within the 2 wk flush time, that's not a good enough flush, correct? What would be acceptable??

    Since I am in soiled beds, do I water heavily until the water seeps out of the beds?

    I, too, would like to know if there is a general timeline from when the Trichs are clear to cloudy, to amber. Say for instance you have an unknown strain and notice the hairs start turning. You pull out your scope and the trichs are still clear. A few days or week go by and the trichs are still clear, then you start seeing trichs getting cloudy. What is the timeframe from cloudy to amber???????

    From the time you see it go from clear to cloudy, is there ample time for a 2wk flush????

    ruby Active Member

    Why is it that the FEW plant I have grown in rather small crowded pots are doing soooo well they have beautiful flowers going all the way down the stems..... I cannot figure ii out..... now I am flushing them....I am growing these in my greenhouse without anything but sunlight. What's up> the ones I planted in the garden for fun... we just awful no real flowers to be proud of, besides my hubby was paronoid about the whole garden thing.

    WidowShamus Well-Known Member

    couchlock not coughlock. couchlock means being so blazed you cant get up off the couch.

    bigbudd420 Member

    I am in the same boat, brother, the waiting game! I say pull your crop when it reaches the stage that creates the high you desire. I prefer waiting till the tri's are 50-60% amber, but that is me, i want a balanced high. Growing is always a learning experience, so learn from this grow, whatever you decide to do. I agree that maybe you pull some of the more developed buds, and let some turn amber, that way you can see what you like. Also, if you don't have the cash for one of those special pocket microscopes to see the trichomes, take a pair of binoculars and look through them upside down, right on the bud. It works great, and if you already have binocs, its cheaper!

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