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claw leaf

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by bmillard, Sep 19, 2007.


    bmillard Active Member

    i have a bad claw leaf problem and some leaves turning yellow at the tips. any sugestions?

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    buttledge89 Active Member

    It looks to me as if you are overwatering. let the pot dry all the way out and then see what it does.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    looks over-watered is the first thing i thought also.

    bongo Well-Known Member

    Over watering, and it looks bear, dont take any leaves off it...thats if you are

    [email protected] Active Member

    I have a full professional room with only one plant showing this sympton, know as "the Claw" or "the Ramhorn". It appears that the majority feel that this is a simple overwatering issue.

    Can we get a definite consensus on this? This is a problem that I am seeing a lot of beginners having a problem with.

    phmcelroy Active Member

    I just went thru this problem. My soil pH was 5.7, claw leaves with yellowing tips. I believe the nutrients were locked out. The buds (4 weeks into flowering) were drawing the nutrients from the other leaves and stems. I adjusted the soil pH to 6.3 with hydrated lime. The fertilizer I was using, the granuals had a pH of 4.18. Check your fertilizer pH.

    kronicsmurf Well-Known Member

    yep looks over watered.

    moon47usaco Well-Known Member

    I dont think you have this particular problem but it is really just to hard to tell from these pics... =[ The first one looks like it was taken out of a car window and the second looks out of focus except for the leafs that are farther away...

    If you have the claw or ph lockout you will see this most evident on the newest growth and the veins will look like washboard meaning very exaggerated peaks and valleys in-between the veins...

    Take some clearer pics... Also tell us how much, or when you know it time to water... That will help clear up the too much water question...

    dr.medecine Well-Known Member

    Thanks bmillard for asking this and also to the rest of you guys that came up with an answer!

    I saw this on the top 2 leafs on 1 plant of my plants today, thing is I did water it yesterday so this makes perfect sence to me now cause I found this thread. All of you can probably tell I´m a noob, so all I learn from you experienced growers here at rollitup is a part of the learningprocess for me, perfect. Thanks!

    kend Member

    roots have not adequately developed. Probably from overwatering.

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