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Circle LST OG Organic Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by henryy, Mar 15, 2013.


    henryy Member

    IMG963.jpg IMG964.jpg

    I am planning on flowering in only about 10 weeks from now.
    This is about 10 week veg.

    My Goal is the finish a full circle lst before flowering, the lst circle is about 1/3 of a circle currently.

    Fox Farms + Organic Nutes Only so far.
    The tent is a 2x2x5
    400w mh/hps (But I have been dimming it often)

    If anyone could give me some insight on what to expect or how it is looking so far.

    Wasted777 Member

    looking good man, so you will be vegging it for 20 wks?

    henryy Member

    That's the plan. Hopefully a decent size yield will come from it.
    Organic grown tends to grow a bit slower, I am thinking about using some advance nutrients and/or monster grow additive just to give it a boost during the veg.

    delvite Well-Known Member

    looking good, i would keep it reall tidy under n in there. all that mess will attract pests and i hate to see you slowed or stopped your doing gr8 ;)
    ive just finished a critical kush sog and am about to start another. check it out ;) Delvite

    henryy Member

    I figured it would decompose into the soil, and I have checked out your grows. Very awesome man. Keep up the good work too.
    I am taking notes ;) lol

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    The leaves won't decompose before you harvest your plant, composting takes a bit longer then the time you have. What is most likely is as it get damp from watering mildew will start to form (stage one of decomposition) and there's a threat to your plant right there. Then if that doesn't happen then its a perfect new starter home for that spider mite colony that just came in.

    I'm not saying you have to clean it up, but I don't think the container is the best place of dead leaves, the floor honestly is better of you don't have a trash can or proper motivation to find one.

    henryy Member

    Oh I have cleaned it up already, I thought I would reuse the soil so it would be good for enriching in some way. Idk I think I heard something like that in a youtube video (I do watch youtube medicated tho:bigjoint:)

    henryy Member

    How do you think the size of my plant is for 10 weeks?

    thatsmessedup Well-Known Member

    ^^ for 2.5 months I would expect a bigger plant but it looks very good and healthy, and that's what really matters going into the switch. BTW if you only got 2x2 space you should flip now and not wait another 10 weeks as it will probably double and fill that space nicely. Good luck!

    henryy Member

    Because of the circle lst my plant has not changed much in height, nor should it for a while. I rather wait since I have started 2 autos in the same tent, I think I will flower this one once those are done.

    Thank you btw, I love receiving feedback.

    thatsmessedup Well-Known Member

    ^^I wish you nothing but the best but your crazy. Good luck.

    henryy Member

    Haha xD
    But aren't we all crazy to begin with? I am new, I'm learning haha.

    I wish you the best of luck too.

    thatsmessedup Well-Known Member

    any updates?

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