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cigarette smoke bad for plants?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by seele, Apr 19, 2009.


    seele Active Member

    Well I have my grow box setup in my room, and I also smoke cigarettes in the room. My question is, will the cigarette smoke get ventilated into the grow box and adversely affect my plants growth?
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    yes !

    unless your air circulation is recycled every 2 - 5 seconds, stagnant smoke will clog the pores of the plant, especially cigarette smoke, as its poisonous. Wouldnt introduce smoke to them in any indoor environment
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    demonic1 Well-Known Member

    I smoke around my plants all the time. They grow just as good as my buddies who are non-smokers. I'm sure if you have absolutely no air circulation, its probably no good but then you shouldn't be sitting in that room either.

    MYWhat? Active Member

    Was searching for info related to this topic and came upon this thread.

    For those searching for this same topic in the future, I thought I should add. (Tobacco Mosaic Virus) While not transmitted by cigarette smoke directly it can be spread by smokers. Tobacco Mosaic Virus can survive on dried plant material up to two years.

    prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke can cause leaf loss and cause the leaves to fold under and turn yellow. So I would try not to smoke around your plants and if you do , wash your hands before handling them.

    Search for Tobacco Mosaic Virus for more info !!
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    volcanoOFhistory Active Member

    Hot lava...bad for plants???
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    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    I dont blow my smoke on them or anything, but i smoke in my room w/the growbox closed and sealed, i just blow it away from down by the floor where my intake is. I've never had a problem caused by it. Not saying it couldnt have a different effect for you and your setup, but in my case it doesnt.
  7. I'm sure it can't be good for them either way, I mean...they CLEARLY make it harder for us to breath, I can only imagine what it's doing on the molecular level to the plants....I smoke as well, but I smoke outside even outside of growing so...maybe you should just smoke in a different room? I just wouldn't be smoking in the room I was doing so much work in. Seems kind of counter-productive.
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    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    They dont mind me smoking ciggs around em.
    But smoking weed around em makes em realy nervous.....
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    KingJalopy Member

    Hahaha!! That was great.

    theleperchaun69 Member

    See with any kind of smoke you have CO2 being produced. Therefore, yes smoking cigarettes makes it hard for us to breath. However, we need Oxygen and plants need CO2. Our waste is their food, as is there waste is our food (plants produce oxygen, we produce CO2). So I was thinking that the smoke(any kind) could be beneficial. Yet, with what I have read on the other posts makes me unsure.

    Growman3001 Active Member

    all the other chemicals in cigarettes have to be bad for the plants. I smoke around my plants but they are outdoor and I smoke bong loads all over them. The CO2 is good for the plant but cigs got so much other crap in them that are bad for your plants.

    smokejoint Active Member

    ciggarrette smoke = bad for everything
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    Grumpy' Active Member

    Smoking produces carbon monoxide not dioxide. Plants also switch to breathing in oxygen at night, which is why if your using co2 in yur grow you turn it off a night. Tabacco mosaic virus used to be a threat but has been just about eradicated and isn't a common thing any more, and isn't spread by the burning of tobacco anyway. If you have good circulating air I don't see an issue, unless your lighting up smoke after smoke, blowing it directly onto yur plants.

    Madrigal Member

    I only have one plant right now and it's in the window getting air and light. (You can see it from the corner but cops don't seem to notice, haha.) Anyway, it didn't matter too much to me when it was still growing, but now that it's getting frosty I don't like the idea of cigarette smoke particles adhering to the resin and then potentially altering the taste of the weed later. I mean, something that sticky has got to gather stuff on it.

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