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Chronic Tonic?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Pothedd, Jan 5, 2011.


    Pothedd Member

    So I noticed the thread about THC drops made with glycerin, after searching for "cannabis-infused vegetable glycerin," since that's the active ingredient in this drink I purchased from the cannabis dispensary.
    It's called "Chronic Tonic" and the flavor is "Compassion-Fruit Punch."
    There was only one review I could find, and it praised the drink, but I'm wondering:

    Should I just chug the thing or should I savor the taste, swishing it around my mouth for a sublingual effect? It says one bottle is "one or two strong doses" so I plan on consuming the entire beverage. I'm just wondering how fast I should do so...

    If nobody has any ideas in the next hour I'll end up drinking it, since I'm going to see my (:?) grandmother.......

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    Pothedd Member

    Okay, the bottle was warm so I've had it in the freezer, but I just went downstairs and grabbed it.
    It seems to be made by a company called "Canna Catering" and contains 2.52 g dry cannabis.

    I think I'm starving now, and am so tempted to chug it down....

    Pothedd Member

    Mmm... I just tasted it and it's like a nice weed-flavored cranberry drink. Seriously tastes like weed though. It's crazy.

    Pothedd Member

    I drank it over the last half hour.
    It was delicious and totally worked.
    Very nice high, clear-headed, and now I rape face on Black Ops! XD
    Still have an urge to smoke though, simply because that's what I do....
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    I like the progression of this thread

    I was going to say chug it down. It's not like THC is ONLY orally active and will work just as good being digested in your stomach.

    2.6g's is quite a bit though for consuming in one go.. but I'm not well versed in glycerine tinctures they might work slightly different than edibles :\.

    I'd say a gram in a brownie equates to about 9g's in a stick of butter. So if tinctures are like edibles that drink is like 2 and a half STRONG brownies..

    or ONE brownie made with like almost an OZ of high quality chronic per stick of butter (given that it is in fact high quality chronic)

    Pothedd Member

    That's what I was thinking. A gram per person in edibles is usually enough for quite a strong dose, but I drank the whole damn thing.
    It did work but glycerine tinctures seem to wear off a lot quicker than normal edibles.
    I can't tell if it's even working anymore, but it was a nice experience.
    For 10 bucks though..... IDK.

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