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Chocolate Tie

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HannoMaximus, Apr 30, 2008.


    HannoMaximus Active Member

    How exactly do you grow chocalte tie?

    longlivemtb Well-Known Member

    First you use spell check, then you grow it like you would any other strain. If your serious about growing do some research first. I don't think anyone even sells chocolate thia. That would be a tough one to find.

    HannoMaximus Active Member

    lol, yeah i realized i spelled it wrong and for some reason it brought me back to another post screen and said i couldnt post so i just left it go. Thats pretty much all thats sold round here, anything less isnt really heard of. I live in a small town so a couple of guys go over to the city to get it, but if I can grow it I'll supply everyone. Guess I just gotta research it, thanks though.
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    First you use spell check. Chocolate Thai

    I know a lot of folks want to know more about the CT- Chocolate Thai.
    I took a few minutes to scrounge up some data on this mysterious strain.

    Basic Encyclopedia Definition:
    Chocolate Thai is a famous Cannabis Sativa strain of the 1960s and 1970s. Chocolate Thai was popular amongst cannabis aficionados in the early nineties due to its high potency. Now regarded as a "commercial" low-grade product, "Chocolate Thai" lost its popularity due to the introduction of strains of cannabis with much higher levels of THC in the late nineties, such as G13 and White Widow. Chocolate Thai is a land race Sativa from the former Kingdom of Siam.

    A Seed Company Reporting on the CT they Utilized:
    The Chocolate Thai had a classically thunderous, soaring high that immediately won everyone’s preference. Unfortunately, the superb quality came with a 14 week flowering period price tag. The buds were incredibly aromatic and resin coated, but very spindly, with strings venturing on their own out of the thin main floral cluster, giving it an overall skimpy braided look. Curious structure, definitely landrace looking, but hardly productive even outdoors. Our Chocolate Thai source had warned that to obtain a reasonable yield outdoors, his method was to crowd many plants in a limited space outdoors, in a style reminiscent of hemp grown for fiber.

    Another Seed Company tries to Re-create the C-Thai Experience:
    Chocolope still delivers traits many growers sought from the classic Thai strains - choco-smokey flavor and a dreamy high with a strong mental shift. If you are trying to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, or lack of appetite, the Chocolope id your strain. However, smokers who are sensitive to paranoia or psychedelic effects might approach this variety with caution. Even experienced smokers sometimes report unusually comic situations due to the "high school" like stone of the Chocolope. Some consider this advice a recommendation: the chocolatey 1980s high is a euphoric and trippy blast from the not-so-distant past that can spice up any weekend.

    Forum Members Memory:
    It was actually Tied to a Stick with a red string, and it would make you very sleepy after two or three puffs. Anitsheep remembers the red string
    The last known sightings would have been around 1984ish

    Another’s Memory:
    Yea, I remember the Thai Sticks back in the mid '70,s but they were really golden brown color, wrapped super tight about the thickness of your middle finger and the length of the baggie. 15 bucks
    Chocolate Thai

    HJ Memory:
    The Chocolate Thai was one of the most difficult plants to grow. It was dark and very asymmetric, rarely sporting any kind of a definite main-stem for any length of time. It was difficult to clone and very hermaphroditic, producing small airy buds at best. The herb from the Chocolate Thai passed the test (the progeny were at least as good as, if not better than, their parent), but had certain problems otherwise (structural and hermaphroditic). It was also similar in potency to the Highland Thai regarding strength, length and type of high.

    longlivemtb Well-Known Member

    Thats pretty cool. I have heard of it, but never actually of anyone who has tried it. Definitely sounds good though. If you can get clones from someone that would be your best bet, but doing that its pretty risky. Seeds are your other option, but if you can't find seeds for it, you might have to look for clones from the dealer if thats even possible. I don't know how close you are with the guys who get it for you. Either way, good luck.

    HannoMaximus Active Member

    lol is my town like the best pot town or what? we got lots of white widow too, but chocolate thai beats it all.

    longlivemtb Well-Known Member

    Haha I don't know man, but it sounds pretty good to me. Better then I'm sure most people get:mrgreen:
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    mandala seeds has a chocolate thai cross thats suppose to be killer. I think its chocolate thai female crossed with cantaloupe male? Thats what I member reading.

    krisko287 Active Member

    Man please will anybody send me like 5 seeds for chocolate thai please. Ive been lookin for it for so long, my pops use to tell me stores about it.:sad:

    UserFriendly New Member

    DJ Short used CT in his hybrids. You can get a 5-pack of Blueberry for pretty cheap from Dutch Passion if you're strapped for cash.

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