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Chicken Manure Tea

Discussion in 'Organics' started by city limit warrior, Jun 6, 2011.

    city limit warrior

    city limit warrior Member

    I have access to alot of chicken shit so i have a pile composting and wanted to make some tea. Can i make tea by just filling a bucket with water and manure and stiring the hell out of and pouring it frm one bucket to the next every once in a while. Dont have the money to go buy a bubbler.

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not bubbling would encourage anaerobic bacteria to grow.. Chicken shit has to be composts a year or two before you can use it anyway..

    It might be best to avoid tea making until you have the right gear.

    snew Well-Known Member

    once the tea is composted you can make tea with no problem.

    mugan Well-Known Member

    i live on a farm ( no jks lolz) and we make our manure teas with fresh chicken. rabbit and goat manure, we just put it em ( effective micro organisms with molasses) it speeds up the decomp but you have to sterilize it before you use it in pots or indoors otherwise that bacteria will give you ph problems
    city limit warrior

    city limit warrior Member

    Thanks kinda what i thought, ill be adiing it outdoors inthe soil

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    Just because some one living in Africa uses green manure doesn't mean it is right, city limit warrior.

    If you lack the common sense to not use green manures, just search the web for info.

    "1) Never feed fresh chicken manure to young, tender plants! Fresh chicken manure is "hot," meaning it is very high in nitrogen and will "burn" the growing plants. This will kill your plants! Also, too much nitrogen can produce negative plant growth. This is why you need to age your chicken manure!"

    "Fresh manure is not desirable for garden use in the opinion of most gardeners and should be aged before using. Feeding fresh Chicken manure as fertilizer for gardening to growing plants can burn them because it has such high levels of nitrogen. An overabundance of this gas could produce negative plant growth and possibly destroy the plants.

    Chicken manure can be stored and composted. When making chicken manure compost, raw manure should be piled, sprinkled with topsoil, and occasionally turned with a garden fork. Composting stabilizes nitrogen and potash levels and kills bacteria, viruses, and worm eggs. You can purchase a ready made compost bin or design your own."

    "Chicken manure
    Poultry manure (chicken in particular) is the richest animal manure in N-P-K. Chicken manure is considered "hot" and must be composted before adding it to the garden. Otherwise, it will burn any plants it comes in contact with."

    rollinronan Well-Known Member

    do you bubble it?? pH problems would be caused by anaerobes or facaltative-aerobes when there is little airation
    city limit warrior

    city limit warrior Member

    How long will the manure need to compost before it can be applied and how will i know, look,smell?? I put some green manure in the soil where i have my grow back in dec of 2010 that should plenty of time not to burn my girls right?

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    They say a year or two to compost chicken manure.. You should be fine if it is in there since dec 2010..

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    I bump this thread because I just received a bag full and I need some help going about brewing an aerated tea.

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    Bump for info.

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