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chest of drawers, venting and lighting advice aswell as some tips on optimal space

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by king cropalot, Jun 21, 2013.

    king cropalot

    king cropalot New Member

    A big start off with a hello to everyone, im new to this forumn and growing in general. This seems like the place to help me get started. me and my father in law pulled off two outdoor plants last year just a trail run really some bag seed. WE LOVED IT. now we're looking to get in a bit deeper. im looking to build a chest of drawers grow cuboard and more or less need some advice on the best way to get the biggest while most potent yield off the limited space. I've tried to do my research and now im looking for some advice on my plan and if im going in the right direction, keep in mind im trying to keep this as cheap as possible. the plan is ill have a sealable magnetic door on the front, the inside grow space will be roughly 1m h, 1m w, 0.45m d. im looking to get a digital dimmable ballast from the internet(dimmable so I only have to by the one, and I can keep using it if I choose to move up a grow room later on) and run a 250w hps through a cooltube vented from the back at the bottom to the back at the top and eliminate any unwanted heat even reach the grow room air. I would like some advice on this before I move one because ive learnt the lights are the core of the grow. I plan to use cfls for veg and the hps for flowering. ill be more than likely trying to do a 2 or 3 plant DWC bucket bubbler SCRoG each time cloning and and restarting the process. Any bodys thoughts at all would be great, and advice would be better :) im very pleased to be a part of your com now and hope to be wlcome among you, happy growing! regards cropalot
    king cropalot

    king cropalot New Member

    + I just seen about auto pots would this be better for me and my style of grow or will dwc be, any thoughts would be great help, thanks.

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    A small drawing or some pics, something to bring dimensions to the table would be awesome.

    Oh, and Welcome to the madhouse. :weed:

    Peace and Great Grows

    king cropalot

    king cropalot New Member

    Thanks for the reply great to hear back from someone. Just whipped some up then an ill try get them uploaded.
    i do warn you though I'm not all that artistic but I think you can get the just from it. I've done too drawing of my light plans, I was going to use cfls for veg and a hps cool tube for flowering but if heat won't be an issue for it I might just chuck a mh bulb in there for the veg. Either way my first grow will be done with my cfl plan here which is good be cause nothing gets stuck to the box then later when I get his fit it in.

    Here is a pic of the plan with the cfls, I have seen on another thread a while ago where they used on of the drawers to create a hood for there cfls that the could lower and raise, using the rollers already existing! Love this idea, I'm thinking of using gutter between the bulbs to create nice reflection.

    View attachment 2708600

    And here is the venting ideas with hid lighting

    king cropalot

    king cropalot New Member

    image.jpg I just found some cfls too and wonering if anybody else thinks ill be able to get more surface are exposed with these cfls vertically than normal ones horizontally

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