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Chernobyl vs Timewreck

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Big Trees, Aug 25, 2013.


Which is better overall? yield/potency/taste/ease of growth

  1. Chernobyl

    4 vote(s)
  2. Timewreck

    7 vote(s)
    Big Trees

    Big Trees Well-Known Member

    I love trainwreck and don't know which strain I would prefer more. Any input would help.

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Timewreck all day. IMO Chernobyl is a great strain, but the flavor isn't my favorite and the JTR high can lean a bit to paranoid for me vs the Vortex side that is paranoia free and has an endless cieling that also doesn't allow much tolerance build up.

    I'm super happy to have Sub's TW cut in my garden. If I had to choose the Golden Ticket or Sub's TW, TimeWreck wins every time.

    throwdo Well-Known Member

    good to no

    drolove Well-Known Member

    thats a hard one...i myself like the chernobyl flavor (lime pheno) but i think the timewreck is better all around bud.

    Shawns Active Member

    I'm growing Chernobyl right now looking for a keeper or two does anyone know witch pheno the heavy indica dom one is, I have one that really stands out its very indica just curious it seems that most of the real nice stuff people show seem more sativa or hybrid but my indica is showing frost way earlier then the rest any input ?

    Constiello Active Member

    Smoked some Chyornobyl yesterday

    Lemony, pleasant. Well round and did it's job.

    Timewreck. Now that's fire. Taste and potency xxx

    I recommend Timewreck.
    little butch

    little butch Active Member

    Gotta be the time wreck! Peace& be kind

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