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cheese start of week 4 flowering,pics!! bit of advice needed

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Sqda1, Jun 5, 2011.


    Sqda1 Member

    these are my four cheese plants that are currently starting week four of flowering. Could anyone give me a ruff indication of potential yield now they are showing buds? how much bigger will the buds get? have just given them they're first dose of treacle/molasses, what does this actually do? im under the impression it helps the plant develop denser buds? anyone got any tips to help me improve yield at this stage? Also a few of the lower leaves have started to yellow and fall off, is this normal at this stage of flowering?

    2011-06-05 16.02.19.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.30.jpg 2011-06-05 15.48.21.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.54.jpg 2011-06-05 15.50.32.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.22.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.49.jpg 2011-06-05 15.49.33.jpg 2011-06-05 15.49.26.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.46.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.13.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.39.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.10.jpg 2011-06-05 16.02.25.jpg

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    With the density of your canopy the lower growth will yellow and fall off due to not enough light reaching that area of the plant.

    Other reasons why Yellow leaf die off can occur are
    N deficiency
    pH problems causing a lockout of N

    Molasses helps to feed the micriobials in your Rhizosphere which in turn help things like nutrient uptake, stress resistance etc.

    Something you may want to look at is an article i copied from a magazine about Carbs and Amino acids.


    Yield is related to alot of variables, most growers on here try to aim for anything from 0.2g-0.5g per watt of light used. Some of the other variables that can greatly impact on yield are Temps, Air exchange, Stress etc.

    So the best advice anyone can give you to help your yield is to
    1. Make sure your environment is as near to perfect as you can get it.
    2. Try not to overfeed
    3. Dont cut them too early

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    turbocivic6776 Active Member

    Plants look very healthy great job! Is this your first grow if so you should be very proud im on my fourth grow and don't have results like these. To all your questions read above post it was already answered well.


    Sqda1 Member

    cheers yes it is my first grow and it hasnt been problem free, i had attackes of spidermites and ph problems. and in response ti first post is treacle one if those simple structer carbs and would that article imply normal sugar could be a supplement? as read sumwere some one put sugar as a top layer of soil which slowly disloves with each watering, and suppisedly got v.good results.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Molasses is one of the simple sugars yes. But if you read the article fully it is only a very small amount that is absorbed by the plant.

    Personally i wouldnt use Treacle though i would use molasses. I get mine from HOLLAND and BARRETT in the UK. £1.69. Treacle and Molasses are different stages of the sugar cane process.


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