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Check this website I found: find weed anywhere in the world!

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by hearmenow, Apr 20, 2007.


    hearmenow Well-Known Member

    doowmd and ...... like this.

    SHAMAN Well-Known Member

    Great link prices are right. But I wouldn't buy any where they say to. In my city.

    aj9027 Active Member

    Hey guys I checked out the page for the city I am in and it told me do not even try. I am visiting my uncle for a little more than a month and am wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I sometimes have a vehicle but more often than not they are using their cars. I am in edmond, oklahoma. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate the help. I am new to this town and know absolutely no one thus so far my efforts of finding a good location have been in vain. I am right in the middle of the bible belt and these religious folk have done a lot to keep out such things. Please help I have gone from an 1/8 a day to zilch and I am bored as hell.

    dopestats Active Member

    I wouldn't try any of the methods described in the website, they're probably all been raided by cops. The best you can do is have an idea of what's around, and try randomly if you're brave enough...

    Here is something else that may give you more info if you did not find your city: Weed prices by county

    cph Well-Known Member

    It said this in that artical "You can score some chronic at howards carry-out on monroe and upton."

    I can't beleive this!!!! I meet my dealer at that carryout!!! Not anymore!!!!!

    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    holy shit they kno about the sports park in my town~! fuk that i aint chillin there no more~! wat the fuk is this shit!! puttin low key weed spots on blast!
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    That's the site I always think of but never know the name of.

    ...... Well-Known Member

    hahaha that website really hit spot on about Philly the cops really dont give a fuck here.
    The prices and locations were off though a gram of some good mids here is only 5 dollars there talking about 10 and 20.And the locations were fucked also you can go anywhere in this city and find weed but you might get robbed on the way.That and the cops is what they got right about.

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    hahaha i wonder how many people actually use this site,lol,.,.,shashamane,ethiopia is my destination.,.,zion ini home
    First Time Growin

    First Time Growin Active Member

    wow that was really interesting, supriseed they even have cities in canada, was a good laugh to read up on it haha damn...

    towelie... Well-Known Member

    think the site is meant more for when your on vacation.
    as a tourist woud gladly pay more just to have some...

    i live in switzerland and everybody knows you can get weed at a park by the mainstation, the cops go there every day.

    but any stoner that lives here knows that if go there you get ripped of. 20$ for whats supposed to be 2g, but always is 1g or less. makes 2 joints for 20$

    the best part is they never get busted, even though theyre always there.
    their the masters of weed sneaking,sometimes they hide it in plasticbags under a random leaf on the ground, or toss it in the river and get it further down, when the cops come with dogs.

    thats the location its says for my city on the site, so id guess its like that for many citys... places the cops already know but cant really do anything about.

    for a lot of vacation countries like Thailand, it just kinda says:"ask a cab driver" or "ask in a bar or some surfer dude"

    stuff like that can go a long way in a foreign country.

    tebor Well-Known Member

    For my city they advised going to a neighborhood and asking.
    That neighborhood is the worst ghetto in my city.
    I would never advise an out of towner to go there asking for drugs.
    ol hippy

    ol hippy Well-Known Member

    Santa barbara, Ca. Love that city there are dispensarys on every block !! (almost)
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    LoL, now you really have baited the carry-out.

    cph Well-Known Member

    I never go in. We meet there because it's half way between our houses. We actuarially usually at the store across the street. I told him a few months ago I didn't want to meet there any more, because of all the people. I've been making him deliver it lately. If he's going to charge me 180 an oz. I'm going to make him drive for his money. :lol:
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    $180.00 an Oz. in the U.S.?, isn't that pretty cheap for the U.S.?, here it is £130.00 for an Oz.

    cph Well-Known Member

    It's mid not dank..:-| I would pay $350 most of the time. My guy told me last week he could get an oz of 'cat piss' for $500..:shock: No thanks.

    I smoke to much to by the good stuff all the time. Can't wait for my grow to finish!!:weed:
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    $500.00!, that is well overpriced!, WTF is going on in the U.S.?
    First Time Growin

    First Time Growin Active Member

    hmm, i smoked that cat piss weed before, shit had a strong ammoniay/lemony taste to it

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Supply and demand my friend.:weed:

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