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check out this cfl

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by troach2009, Sep 14, 2013.


    troach2009 New Member

    Anyone think this cfl work good


    Let me know im interested

    GrowinDad Well-Known Member

    For flowering it will.

    Spicy8305 Active Member

    I dont see why in wouldn't work but I think you may be better off with watt/lumen ratio using a few smaller lamps and also be able to disperse the light more evenly around the plant.
  4. Oh but sorry, I wouldn't buy that either, unless you already have the hood for it, cause it won't fit in normal bulb sockets.

    Just buy these $40 it's 85Wx4 so 340W and you can just use two of these http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-128-I-660-Watt-Light-Socket-Adapter/dp/B001ATG0JU/ref=pd_sim_p_2
    to spread them out and not take up a bunch of sockets. Use this if you wanna hang them. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004BG1DYG/ref=oh_details_o09_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    troach2009 New Member

    They sell them on ebay with a hood for about 100 bucks with a hood plus i will be running 12 smaller cfl around lower area so all buds grow thick i havnt started yet just box ideas
    AZ BUD

    AZ BUD New Member

    They're not bad, but as stated earlier, you will need a special fixture. I have one and I use it for veg, along with 3 clamp lights with shade using the warm bulbs, to help give more of the full spectrum. Although, I'm running the 250Watt bulb, in stead of the 200Watt. I wanted the 300Watt, but they only had 250 and i needed the bulb ASAP.
    For 20$ more that you're going to spend on the single bulb check out a complete system: available in the 125 and 200, in both warm and Day bulbs. I would go with the 300Watt personally. I would've but couldn't wait. The more watts the more lumens the more you yield.
  7. Gotcha, but still for the price no point in paying 60-80 for 200W when you can get 340W for about the same and you'll be able to move those lights around to cover more area anyways. But remember 6500k is for vegging and 2700k is for flowering.
    AZ BUD

    AZ BUD New Member

    I hear ya, Good luck!

    For me and my setup it was easier with the fixture and bigger bulb. Putting out 12,000 lumens and taking the place of 10 24w bulbs. In the end more simplistic is the easier way for me to get to the plants, get them in and out and be able to move them around. Having less chords is always a big factor for me too. I built my own stand out of PVC too. Going to enclose the sides with mylar attached to cardboard.

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    kinddiesel Well-Known Member


    justanotherbozo Well-Known Member

    when it comes to bang for your buck you are WAY better of going with the lower wattage bulbs, partly because with multiple bulbs your light is more evenly spread over your canopy which also spreads the heat making that easier to deal with, plus the cost, you can often find 4 packs of the 23 and 26watters at Lowes and Home Depot for under $10.00 and equally often you can find a $3.00 rebate bringing the price down to under $7.00 for 4 bulbs or 92watts with the 23s and 104watts with the 26s so WAY less money.

    ...another advantage to using multiple bulbs is that it gives you the ability to tweak the spectrum you deliver to your plants, the more balanced the light the happier the plant.

    anyway, if you look around in your area you should be able to find a discount builders supply house where you can find yourself a multi-bulb bathroom vanity fixture like this one i bought for under $5.00, ...the full retail monty at Lowes or HD would be about $20.00.


    ...then you add the Y splitters so you can double the number of bulbs you can use in your fixture. (the splitters are available at Lowes, HD and any decent hardware store)


    ...that'll give you something that looks a bit like this.


    ...now, if you have any skills with tools and you can follow some simple wiring instructions then you could consider a better option using PLLs which are a newer form of remote ballasted CFL that, being straight rather than twisted, deliver light more efficiently and with the ballast remoted from the grow space, most of the heat is removed.



    ...if you need more info let me know.

    good luck, bozo

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