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Cheapest way to grow indoors?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bAyArEaSpLiFfBlOwEr, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I am pretty new to the site, and I am on a tight budget with rent, bills, and caring for my dog, and I decided to grow, I got some seeds from a dispensary (blue dream and blackberry) thanks to lazy growers who didnt take out all the seeds, so instead of spending hundreds of dollars on weed a month I want to grow.
    Ive been looking around, and the last time I grew was with a friend, YEARS back, so I forget how much is needed, what is the most effective and cheapest equipment I can get? Is it cheaper to buy online or in store?
    Ive noticed that theirs led lights now for growing, Ive always known hps to be the best, but please give me ideas and a basic outline and how much it might cost to get started.
    Just the basics please

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    if you want to go cheap check out craigslist, ppl are always selling thier old grow shit... or you can go super ghetto and get a cardboard box, a few cfls, a few fans, some soil and nutes and you're off and growing for less than a 100 bucks
    check out the ghetto growers forum. I feel like his pimp... but check out concord dawn's ghetto grow.
    stay high
  3. i actually did look on cl, somebody was selling some led lights, are led lights good for growing?

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    i can't say for sure if they are or not... i have read both yes and no. it seems that if you can come up with a mh or hps lighting system that would be best and from what i read and hear about 600 watts is best bang for your buck... again i'm not the expert on this but i think its a push in the right direction. stay high

    smoking58 Member

    I grew 2 ak47/48 autos soil akids ereto set (garage sale) bulbs, nutrients,pots drainers I mean everthing from home depot ,walmart,finished after ever thing said and done $92.00 that's including the clones of the ak's I'm a disable person so budget is important and I got a nice grow 24g of each plant and to top it off I USED MIRACLE GROW.(LOL)

    tibberous Well-Known Member

    Super-cheap way is to get a gallon of Dyna Gro Grow, a Gallon of Dyna Gro Bloom, some Premium Pete Moss from Home Depot (the huge, 3.5 cubic feet bales), some perlite from Agway (optional, also comes in a huge bag), oscillating fan, a PH test kit and some reusable shopping bags from walmart (the $.50 ones). Get either a 1000 watt or a 600 watt HPS, and you'll probably want a timer. You'll need a good pair of scissors, some rooting hormone and some jiffy pots too for cuttings. Maybe a gallon of white paint.

    Figure $400-500 and your all set. Where it starts to get expensive is if heat / light / smell / power / plumbing is an issue. If your in an apartment and have to buy tents and carbon filters, or in a shed where your running electrical, that's the shit that starts to get expensive.
  7. ohh btw, whats cfl?

    sgadan Active Member

    compact flourescent lighting.

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    compact flourecent bulbs the curly bulbs... i get them at the dollar tree. you get 2 23 watters for a buck. you should take a little time (or maybe a lot) and research lighting a little bit. there are a few stickys about lighting that are very imformative. check em out they will do you a world of good and really help you in your ultimate design.
  10. all this stuff i can get from home depot?

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    most of it you can... not the lighting... unless you go with cfls
    i went with cfls (i'm not working) so I set up as i could... i started my grow and really didn't have a box or anything... this is what i have now... IMAG0742.jpg IMAG0744.jpg
  12. do u have any pics of ur plants yet so i can see how well it works? also, how much watts are those lights putting off?

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    i do have pics... if you go to my page check out my album... the album is of my first grow and i didn't have my lights setup the way i do now... but you can see how it was set up... i will take a few pics of what i have going on right now and i'll post when i can... my first grow consisted of 3 plants, each delivering an ounce ea. one girl actually gave me oz and a 1/4. I got to do a count on my wattage I'll post in a few
  14. i checked out ur pics, pretty good for ur first grow, it did look like it was lacking a bit of nutes, but overall pretty good with the lights u have...id like to know how u set up ur lights cause that def seems like a cheap and productive alternative to hps...im surprised u only got a zip off a plant tho, do u use any bloom or anything like that to get more out of ur plants?

    ohh but def let me know the watts u got...ur help is def appreciated

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    ok i suck i thought i had some pics of my current girls on my phone and i don't, and they are currently sleeping so no pics till tomorrow... at the time of my first grow i didn't use any veg nutes and started late with the bloom nutes... like i said i was going as i was growing... my plants were only about 30" tall when i was done and they were sativas which i hear yield a lil less... any way i just did a short calculation between all my lights, and i'm at around 820watts... holy shit... didn't realize i had so much. heat was an issue for a while. about 480 watts in cfls and the rest in the t8 tube lighting covering the back wall
  16. since i know now that those cfls work well, i might buy a tent and just put up those lights in that, ive seen i can get a tent for less than 200, hopefully it will have enough room for a couple fans, maybe even 4 at each corner if its possible so that heat wont be a problem...ill go for 1000 watt cfls

    so far u and everybody been a great help, especially with the particular nutes i should get

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    I'm in the bay area as well... My local hydro shop hooked my up with this soil mix that some hippie up in humbolt made up... it's called sanctuary potting mix. it has all kinds of shit in it, bat quano, wormcastings etc, blah blah blah I add perelite to this mix just in case. the potting mix is about 10 bucks a bag and the hydro shop ppl say it's better than ffof. as far as nutes i'm using general hydroponics flora nova series veg and bloom. also recommended by the hydro shop ppl.
  18. good to know...im gonna start my grow in a month or so, just one plant at first, i dont want to waste all the seeds i got just in case something goes wrong, i think i might ask my dispensary about some tips...where in the bay do u live? do u have medical marijuana card?

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    yes i do have my card. I'm in outer part of the bayarea... It smells like Garlic here all year round :) There are no dispenceries here in town so i have to travel to san jose. where are you at?
  20. LMAO, i know exactly where ur at, i live just south of where u are, i sometimes i go to san jose for my herb, i love medmar in downtown, they got some good strains, and i always get a gram or two of their gold dust hash (60 bucks or so a gram)
    if i cant make it to san jose, i normally always go to purple cross

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