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cheap fertilizer

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by oggunna, Oct 24, 2006.


    oggunna Active Member

    alright i heard this story from a legit source i dont think this guy tells stories hes my friends dad and hes like 45 he said that when he was 20 he went to a chicken farm and paid the farmer like $20 for as much chicken shit he could load into his truck of course he had a lil mask on because chicken shit is potent and will make ur eyes water and make u throw up but then he got home spread out a large lot of it and let it sit for a month because otherwise it will kill the plants because it is so strong, then planted and said it was the best bud he ever grown. anyone else ever heard of someone doing this?

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    yeah.... a buddy of mine runs a small chicken farm, along with some other animals he raises to sell and to put away for food for the winter, and only uses shit from his animals to grow his plants in.

    They only will use stuff that has been sitting awhile (sometimes a year of sitting) so it does not burn the plant; and he has some great looking plants growing outdoors in this every year.

    Yeah, grab yourself some old stuff (shit) from a farm, older the better (take a hand full and if it breaks down easy in your hand, and has a good look and feel to it, then it is perfect), and if the farm has been there awhile, he will have old stuff....
    Some farms will give you the stuff for free, so it saves them time to have to spread or moved and also farmers understand that it makes the gardens grow better.

    If you only got a car, then ask if the farmer has any empty feed bags (if it is a chicken farm they will have LOTS) to carry the shit in; fill them 3/4 of the way up, so you can make sure they will not dump out in the trunk of your car.


    oggunna Active Member

    ya lol i thought so and i must that i just smoked a sativia shake joint im high as fuck lol

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    lol.. no problem......... Not everyone knows that they can go to a farm and get some animal poop for the garden.

    I want to get some fish waste (they take the roe and ship the waste to a fish meal plant......but they will allow you to fill your buckets with what waste they are going to ship) and stuff from one of the local fish plants near here and try that next year in the outdoor garden.


    EIP Active Member

    ...fertilizers are trying to mimic dead things and poo...allowing it to compost is key...

    drownedthought Member

    Any poo works as fertilizer.
    Hell, you could shit in the pot yourself and use it as a fertilizer... I wouldn't recommend it though.

    Dead leaves should work great too.

    But fertilizers for indoor growing is what I would recommend, because of spider mites.

    Schotzky Active Member

    like they said, if you mix it in with your soil after letting it compost for a few months, perhaps various kinds of manures. just a little of each, also if you want to buy guano or earthworm castings, theyre not very expensive at the local nursery or home depot probably even has some...
    my outdoor that is all organic is in my album, it turned out great, my first organic grow.

    i would recommend manures and compost for outdoor only tho, it can make an odor and harbor bugs and other infestations that you don't want inside. however if you want to use some other "organics" like foxfarm line or other brand nutes for indoor, feel free, it works good. some will hate you for it though haha.
    (reason i say this is because true organic growers dont feel that some ingredients they put in them arent truly organic. to be organic you must have microcommunity in your soil, liquid organic nutrients typically have ingredients so microorganisms dont have to break down the nutrients. if that doesnt make sense it doesnt have too, lol)

    808fatcloudsTWO Active Member

    dude.. yea you could use any poo, but not all poo would do the same knowing how the dietary nutrients in some animals are far diffrent from others*. chicken & bat guano id say are the best.. ive used chicken shit. & it was on my first plant, ;ended up cherry. fat buds.. nice orange hairs, & id recommend it to everyone.. the only warning id give is that youu should let it sit for about 2 months after its been shitted out.. & since youu need alot of shit, & a single chicken only makes about a tspn perhaps, 1 month;on a pile should be rather best..

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