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Changing Plants Colour

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by th3col0urBlu3Gat0rade, Jul 26, 2007.


    th3col0urBlu3Gat0rade Active Member

    can you change the plants colour in anyway...like by adding food colouring to the water?

    Pool Well-Known Member

    Negative. Food color doesn't work. The roots won't suck it up.

    Only way to change color is with cold nights, and the right genetics.
    Grow it and roll it!

    Grow it and roll it! Well-Known Member


    brendon420 Well-Known Member

    what about water curing in some food colored water?

    SmokeyMcpot88 Active Member

    is this how some plants have incredibly purple fan leaves?

    I've seen a plant with gold and green leaves. Is this how they do it, or is that genetics?

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    dont listen to pool, it does suck up the food coloring, but like in Fdd's experiment, the buds ended up tasting like complete shit n burned like shit too. definitely not worth your while to do it dude. itll ruin bud that youve worked for almost 3 months to grow.

    N no, thats not how purple pink n blue buds get their color, they get color through their genes. Its possible for a purple strain to not have one single pistil colored purple, because even though its a purp strain, it just doesnt have the purple phenotype in the plant. Yet you could have a seed from the same batch and grow it right next to the one that didnt turn purple, and see a HUGE difference - the entire plant could turn purple on ya, n that would be just flat out awesome. One good trick to turning the color of your plant, would be to lower the temp WAY the fuck down in the last 3-4 days before you harvest. it would have the same effect as the leavesin the fall, and it would change colors on you, probably purple. BUT, you also have to keep in mind that this will also almost STOP the resin production in those critical last days before you chop, by dropping those temps. I would personally be happy with the nuggets reguardless of color, because its gonna be dank anyways if its a purp strain or blueberry, or any of your colored indica or sativa strains. Potency always wins over bag appeal, unless your a n00b to smoking, and you can convince yourself that your actually higher because its colored weed...

    SmokeyMcpot88 Active Member

    ahh chilled.
    Just the highest i've ever been was of some purple bud (dealer said it was purple haze) I had 2 spliffs and went to work completly fucked.
    I tend not to buy tweed by the buds colour but how much THC I can see on them.
    Like I said, I've seen some really colourful plants, and I was just wondering how they got that way.

    KindBud420 Well-Known Member

    WRONG!!!!! If you dont know for sure dont act like you do... im so tired of reading wrong information from amateurs in here....you can use food color to change the color after you chop it down you stick the stalk in the food color but the taste is way harsh its not worth doing

    RAY1405 Member

    :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: how bout them apples?! :leaf: :leaf: :leaf:

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    Dirt Bikin Buds

    Dirt Bikin Buds Active Member

    This thread is about 2 years old man...
    Did you grow that?

    KenGreenLeaf Member

    I am just so happy for the colors that are naturally starting to show in my plants buds she is a very good girl makin her daddy a very proud man..
    kevin murphy

    kevin murphy New Member

    thats a funni thing that food colouring wtf...

    KenGreenLeaf Member

    My plant has blue colored leaves with a soil PH reading of 7 an even neutral and I foilage feed with a PH level of 5.2 with my nutes every 9 days at quarter strength so as to not cause mold or fungus right at 2.5 monthsat 5.5 ft.tall loooking like that great american christmas tree ,,got to love them them elves that sprinkle the crystals all over my babies to make them shine with all there glory...

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