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    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    This deserves its own thread seriously.

    Got CFL?

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Compact SOG with CFL's
    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - ***DrBud Takes CFL SOG to the Next Level***

    Complements of danny2oo5

    This is unfathomable :hump:

    There should be NO MORE crap talk about CFL's after reading those threads up there. period end of story. (done with only 200watts of cfl...far less than some are using)

    solstice08 Active Member

    Finished reading through those...that's amazing...If he only sold that strain :(

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but he says he can do it with just about any strain. That is some amazing stuff...even if you got half what he does.

    %MiSTuRBoMbDiGgItty% Well-Known Member

    Im doing that same thing with Grand Daddy Purple and I've done with Maui Wowi x Tutty Fruity it's all about the sweet spot he talks about some strains need to be flowered at 2" and will finish at 17" but others need 6" to finish that big I found out 4" seems to be a good starting point, but just take 6 clones of the same strain and flower them all at different heights you know 2,4,6, ect and you will then know the sweet spot for that strain and keep that info and every time you flower it from that height it will finish right where you expect and be on nice fat cola aka the Budsicle

    RUCKUS! Well-Known Member

    omg i wanna do that with my grow

    Lowkster Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it does sound tempting!!!

    RUCKUS! Well-Known Member

    Yea funny you say that, because since ive posted that i have been searching for mor rigs for growth to start sog....
    im addicted!
    siLky joHNsoN

    siLky joHNsoN Well-Known Member

    this guy is a glad he is putting down the cfl haters...i've seen MANY cfl grows on here doing great, but im sorry, this blows them all out of the water on scale/yield...anybody in here tell me if clones are able to grow in those 20 oz bottles because they are almost instantly flowering? woooooow awesome

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    %MiSTuRBoMbDiGgItty% has the info you seek. On the other forums, he duplicated Dr. Buds work to hush all the naysayers. Look at some of his posts. Clones will flower in those 20 oz bottles. Dr. Bud eventually left due to the general asshatery of HPS users in disbelief.

    There were several people who were able to implement Dr Buds method, but the HPS users eventually annoyed him enough to where he stopped posting as much...if at all. And rightly so. It wasn't like he was getting paid to share his info.

    bterz Well-Known Member

    thats a shame

    I hate to see people sippin on haterade

    if they aint got nothin good to say why bother :X

    Greendude Well-Known Member

    Very well put bterz . I whole heartly agree . I use to use a HID but have switched to cfls . People need to keep their minds open and their mouths closed . We're all here for the same reason . How we deside to grow is our own choise .
    If your posting a question , your expecting answers not some smartass comments about what they think is best .

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member


    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    If you view Dr.Buds threads, please do not go there and start crap talking. If you search through his posts, you will find all the proof you need. He rarely posts as it is now. If you don't agree with what he says or his methods...just don't post anything at all. If you like what you see...then leave him a kind message.

    After all, no one here is obligated to share any lets not run off the people who are posting for the benefit and sake of knowledge sharing.

    %MiSTuRBoMbDiGgItty% Well-Known Member

    No worries guys I would say I am one of DrBuds star students lol and I think it's even more believable seeing me duplicate his methods cuz I have only a mere 5 months of growing under my belt compared to his 25yrs so keep an eye out for my threads cuz I just have this gut feeling about CFL's T5's and LED's being the way to grow and I will use all of them in 2009.. and so far the most I've pulled in a 20oz bottle was 15.6g dry

    stiffer Well-Known Member

    can anyone find the lights he uses?? are they like energy saving bulbs?, i have seen these energy saving bulbs spiral cfls that are like 25w giving out 125 w of power

    bxke1414 Well-Known Member

    I will stick to my $20 Econolight HPS, CFL's were awesome for veg and I plan on using them again, but for the price you can't beat that HPS, just something to think about.

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    They are the 42 watt CFL's that you can find pretty much anywhere. 42 watt /150 watt equiv. 2700 lumens per bulb.

    Good for you! This thread is in the CFL forum, and this is about CFL's.

    Lets keep the post to CFL comments while we are in the CFL subforum :) thanks.

    bxke1414 Well-Known Member

    I completely understand we are in the CFL forum, I started out as an all CFL grow, just giving my advice since I have been on both sides.

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    Same here. I have a lumitek 250HPS, but after seeing what MiSTuRBoMbDiGgItty(Thundurkel), Dr Bud, and several others can do with the same wattage under CFL's...I retired it. No place for that kind of heat in a small grow.

    I am not trying to jump on your case at all. However I wasn't sure how your post added to a CFL SOG thread.

    Here is another awesome CFL grow :

    I would never recommend using a 150HPS in a growbox like this. It could be a firehazard, however, CFL's do not get hot enough to melt plastic.

    So, the econo HPS may be cheaper...but cost isn't always the only factor. Cooling and safety are also important. People are getting the same or better yields from CFL's as people are getting with the lower wattage HPS.

    Just compare some of the better CFL grows with the better lower wattage (250 and below) HPS grows.

    btw lifeless pulled about 4oz from that box (4 x 42 watt CFL = 168 watts). That is about the same as people are yielding with 150watt hps. :weed: The differences in yields between those wattage's are minimal at best.

    stiffer Well-Known Member

    i live in the uk can find a website or a store that sells 42w spiral cfl's anywhere, only 25w

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