CFL Light Distance Error... Short and stocky

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    mimilo Member

    Hi everyone!.. so i made this growbox with a lot of CFL lights 6 X 65 watts (3900 lumens each) .. and i think this ladies that have 2 weeks old are short and stocky.. thats why because i had the lights too close of the plants.. like 2 or 3 inches..then i read the daily battle that is to have an accurate cfl distance.... this is my first grow , so this is another of my newbies errors...
    I wanted it to keep it low.. (the height of my growbox is 1.24 mts).. but i think this is too short for a young plant..its too bushy.. i dont know if this is good for plants..

    The next thing i did was to raise the lights and turn one cfl off...hoping the plants stretch i little..

    Any advices? recommends? Photo on 2013-08-19 at 02.21.jpg Photo on 2013-08-19 at 02.22.jpg
    Ill Appreciate any Help!!!!

    bulastoner Active Member

    Dude you are way over analyzing things. Everything looks great to me. Stretch is not good. There is no error here. With cfls you want them as close as you can get them without burning them. You might need some on the side once you have stretch. Your setup looks great for cfl. Keep doing what you're doing.

    mimilo Member

    Thanks i think you are right!..i am freaking over analyzing...jeje
    The thing is that ive spent a lot of money, this is my first grow and bought some seeds from attitude...
    i just want it to do it the best way possible.
    Keif Cheif

    Keif Cheif Member

    Dont trip, this looks fine to me. You just want to turn them into flower sooner rather than later considering that they stretch heavily (sativa more than indica) when introduced to flower. So you will need to anticipate the stretch that they will do when you go to 12/12. Looks good all in all.

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    I see a cat's face reflection in front of the fan...

    mimilo Member

    Those babes are mostly sativa... its a Swiss-XT, Jack 33, Carnival Dream

    Vigth Member

    Looks great nothing to worry about.
    ii dP ii

    ii dP ii Member

    yeah man this all looks great to me. I wish I had such stocky plants in my CFL set up.

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