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Cfl Harvest Time!

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by 300zxfairlady, Feb 5, 2008.


    300zxfairlady Active Member

    finaly, a long waited 3 months, These ladies are finaly getting the chop. Im chopping them in half first, then 2 days later the rest.. that way the bottom buds should get fatter as i manicure the rest. The hairs for some reason are still 70% white, but the tricromes are done.. theyv been in flowering for 60 days. The seeds are from Doc Bush

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    jomal206 Well-Known Member

    Damn nice looking stuff how many CFLs did you use?

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    loooks great ... LITE UP

    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    looks good,i need me some of that!how many ladys you grow?what you reckon the dry weights guna be?

    300zxfairlady Active Member

    8 x 42 Watters..

    I found a secret way to fatten up CFL buds ;)

    Im growing 5 girls.. 6 if u wanna count this tiny tiny indica which yields im guessing around 2 grams because of light blockage
    Im hoping to have QP . But this is my first grow, so anything over 2 OZ id be happy enough

    doinaight69 Well-Known Member

    those look really good for a cfl grow. Usually buds dont get so large, maybe u should let me n on this secret :)

    Brux013 Well-Known Member

    If you're growing with soil what exact methods did you use in terms of nutrients. I noticed your whole crop looked 100% healthy. I'd love to know so my first grow will be almost as good. Keep it up, and enjoy that well earned harvest.

    krygor Well-Known Member

    I too would be interested in your nutrient schedule. Those are some fine looking buds. Were you feeding them from the early stages of vegging or just stepping it up during flowering?

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    Those are some damn nice plants you have there. I hope that my buds get as big as those but that is probably just some wishfull thinking. Great job

    300zxfairlady Active Member

    The medium i used for this grow is just cheap topsoil i baught from the grocery store. Currently their all growin in 1 single pastic rubbermaid box. during the 2nd month of flowering, i was inducing very small amounts of cheap schultz fertilizer, but realized this method was not going to work too well. I then started creating my own organic mix, half an egg, quarter of a banana blended up mixed with water then filtered. I saw a huge boost in my plants growth. But for some reason the buds were still lacking a bit.
    As for my secret.. it really isnt such a secret as a mistake.. I always keep my CFLs not more than 3 inches away from my buds with LOTS of reflectors. I was away for a week, and when i came back i realized 3 tops were burned just a tiny bit. The growth suffered for a day or 2, this happend 4 weeks into flowering. And for the rest of the flowering stage, those 3 burnt tops just grew insane, fattening up insteaed of growing upwards. There is a huge difference as you can tell from the 2nd and third pic, thesize of the nugs.

    my fingers hurt, and so there it is. Hope you guys can all pull off heavy harvests. And remember! plants can feel your love and care :)

    krygor Well-Known Member

    Props to you for going against the mainstream concept of needing to spend a ton of money on brand name soil and ferts. Seems like you took a risk and it paid off.

    beennoobed Well-Known Member

    how many sqft u have, and how many lumens do the 42w put out?

    300zxfairlady Active Member

    42 watters --- 42 x 8 = You're burning 336 watts for 21,600 lumens

    My grow space is 1.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 5 ft tall

    Hillbilly420 Well-Known Member

    you should get a 250 watt HPS... there only around 150$ it runs your energy bill up 20$ a month. Mines 35,000 lumens. But i have to say, nice job man... thats a sick first harvest!

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

    Hey Hillbilly, this is the CFL forum...I'm sure he knows about HPS. Let's just contribute to the CFL topic! :)

    Grats on the grow, looks superb!

    300zxfairlady Active Member

    Thanks hillbilly, I would use a HPS over CFLs, but unfortunatly i live in a apartment so i dont really wanna push the bill limit. Plus ventalation would be an issue as this is a closet grow.

    smokinjs Well-Known Member

    half an egg and half a banana? lol

    doinaight69 Well-Known Member

    that is awesome! thanks for sharing, i will try it on my lowryders :)

    300zxfairlady Active Member

    yes, half an egg white and half a banna, grind all that up with water and strain it. Feed once every 10 days or so. I guaruntee your plants will love it.

    beennoobed Well-Known Member

    back to 300z
    pushing the bill limits with the 250w is less then what ur doing now...ur running 336 watts compared to the 250w much less power for alot more lumens to... BUT the heating problem... i have the same exact dimensions of ur grow, plz post more on ur light setup and even grow cab, and the entrance, i need to see how u built ur door... sry for all this but im stuck on my cab and have plants in the veg stage almost ready for flowering and not yet done with the flowering cab.. same dimensions as ur.ss

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