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    hello every1.ia llmost finish my first cfl grow.i did use 2 x 250w cfls to end the flowering cycle and idid veg with a single cfl 250w.
    the results was not so bad if u think that it was my first time doing this. i did grow 2 x white rinho and a single cheem dog in a 2 x 3 (ft) closet.i was not so happy witth my electrisity cost.
    so i ask cfls veterans wich is cheapest way about energy saving.2 x cfls250w that means 500w OR just a HPS 250w?
    its really wierd cause it vsupposed that cfls are economy bulbs. so guys.500w of cfl vs 250w of HPS.(i know that if i use HPS i will add money on ventilation system and cooltube,noise and expensive things.) anyway here is my grow CAM01152.jpg CAM01153.jpg CAM01156.jpg CAM01158.jpg CAM01159.jpg CAM01160.jpg CAM01161.jpg CAM01162.jpg CAM01163.jpg CAM01170.jpg CAM01171.jpg CAM01173.jpg
    those are 20 -23 days ago things are changeds now about yielding.(i did many plant desing mistakes cause it was my first time with 0 reserch and white rinho its hard to control many fat leaves and no light for below so i destroy many branches that stay in"dark")anyway i learn many things til now.if u get a free sec answer me about cfl vs hps.thank you.

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    It depends on your spending limits. HPS way better than CFL. But yea ventilation, heat, etc. It is your call tho. HPS will reward you with more yield =)

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    LED is also a option if money is`t too tight


    if possible make even less heat the CLFs and IMO the perfect light for a stealth grow in any means, next to no heat, no heat print, more safe to run in form of fire risk, use less power and can easily grow dank close to a big HID light, in short, they might yield 10-20% less then a 600W HID but also grow more potent smoke

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    i love led.clean way.but i dont know were i find good pannels with right spectrums for my job.led tech its not avail here i n greece(i mean no1 can recoment me) and ppl have not the knowledge to growing indoors cause they dont have weather problems summer is finished and still temps are close to 28 C and humidity over 40-45% at this time.anyway thank u both guys.i think i ll change my strategy about lighting.i veg with cfl blue white spect 6400k) 250w and i continue with HPS 250w or MH250w with a bit 2700k from a single 45w cfl.i dont know for sure yet.there is many things i have t think before i start my second grow.plz if u got any ideas there bother me.THANK u AND PEACE.

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    w0w.the pannel at second say that it got grow/blloom set up.this with 300w its cool for my area? cause i have litlle more space then a 75x50.(i dont really care i will add anythink to get the lumen/sqfeet efic)[h=1]300W 9 band Quantum Power[/h]hey m8 u got any fotos with flowers at 7-8-9 week? i will be really happy cause i really like it.and price not big deal.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    sure, check out my thread

    have 3-4 LED grows in there, last few with that panel along with my first panel (cover 3x3 ft)

    but do as me, try one out and see for yourself, then buy another one later on if your happy with it, or if money is a bit tight, go for a few small CFLs (2700k) at the corners in flowering, when your plants cover all of your closed and the LEDs might struggle covering the edges

    here is a few more pictures of the light
    DSC02209.jpg DSC02211.jpg DSC02212.jpg DSC02213.jpg DSC02214.jpg DSC02217.jpg DSC02218.jpg DSC02219.jpg DSC02658.jpg DSC02659.jpg

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    ic.nice equip.nice buds.i m very thnx.

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    there is a simple trick youve missed with CFL's, its not about the one massive light, its much much more cost effective to buy many low watt bulbs and build up your wattage that way E.G 11x23W lights will be maybe half the cost of one 250W CFL.

    happy growing !!!!

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