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Centennial seeds from boulder

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by CoTinner, May 12, 2010.


    CoTinner Member

    Anyone try these out? Looking to get some "Roughneck" purple Rhino cross. available at some dispensaries.

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    Hello! This is actually my first post on RIU....but I have been here reading and soaking up knowledge since I became a legal patient in CO last year:) I have not purchased any of these seeds yet, but plan to buy a pack of the Blueberry/JackFlash cross seeds pretty soon, and will grow them out to (hopefully) find a nice phenotype. I will deliver my results back to you later this summer when the samples are being tested....(doing the same with TGA's Vortex right now....otherwise I would do the Centennial seeds sooner..) Anyone else tried these seeds yet? have a great day!

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    CoTinner- Just curious if you decided to try out that "Roughneck" strain? Anybody else with opinions on Centennial seeds? Hope everybody is having a swell day- THanks!

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    I am currently have some of their blueberry and 21 right now. Let me say holy shit! The 21 is amazing and very huge yield. The blueberry is so sweet and sticky, huge yield also. Under one six hundo and a 5 by 5 tent with co2, I am easily pulling 3/4 pnd from a few small girlies about 2 ft tall. Vegged for about a week and then flowered, finished about seven weeks for the 21 and the blueberry about eight.

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply!! I have been checking this thread every few days, but it seemed nobody had anything to say about them. I might come up with some more detailed questions (if you dont mind?) but thanks very much for your descriptions of the plants.

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    I have a few more questions for you if about the strains if you dont mind?
    #1) What was the germination ratio?
    #2) What was the male:female ratio?
    #3) Did any hermie problems arise with your females?
    #4) Out of the females...did different pheno types present themselves, or where they similar?

    I really appreciate any answers you have, thanks for your time!
    d.c. beard

    d.c. beard Well-Known Member

    12+ oz's from "a few" 2 foot girls in a 5x5' tent under just one 600 watter? No disrespect, but I'm calling BS unless you have pics. Pics!
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    CropReport Member

    I found this post and registered so I could reply. I own Centennial Seed and wanted to say thanks indipow82 for trying our seed. You're finishing them quite a bit sooner than we do, but that's okay. I'm glad you're pleased with your results. I'll bet the "21" tried to grow into the hood and out of that tent. She gets a bit tall, but she delivers for sure.

    How did you trim them up and what is your system? Always interested in how people are growing our seeds. -CR

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    Hello! I was very excited to check back on this thread and see your post. Would it be alright to contact you (whatever way is best for you..) with questions when they may arise pertaining to Centennial Seeds? I think it is super awesome and valuable when a breeder (not assuming you are the breeder, but sure you have access to all the info.) is willing to share info about the strains they produce (the info would be only for me trying to produce the best medicine possible). I really love/respect Subcool TGA seeds for being so present/progressive in the cannabis community..but would like to find other seed companies that take as much pride in their work as TGA does.
    Anyway, thanks very much and I look forward to growing your seed:)

    CropReport Member

    Wow, yeah bshdctr, the website is easy to find and the phone number there rings on my desk. And, yeah, I run our program here. I can tell you whatever you'd like to know about our seed and how we and others grow them.

    Right now we're really working to build our working stock. Really amazing things just keep coming to us as gifts. It's frustrating to not have the time to grow them all out as quickly as we'd like. Add to that all the neat project forks we could follow if time allowed.

    I've not met Subcool, but I"ve read his stuff on a private board. I know people here who know him and have his stuff growing in their systems. I think we're supposed to meet with him next time he's here.

    To answer just one of your questions, germination is one of our strong suits. We have each seed lot germ tested by plant and don't package anything under 95% viable. Then we throw in an extra seed and that pretty much guarantees near 100%.

    We're finishing up some Django from the most recent seed and it's got me all excited. But I'm always that way about new plants. Anyhow, I appreciate the nod and it would be great if we have something that suits your tastes. Lemme know if I can help -CR

    Sneezy Well-Known Member

    cropreport can you send me a pm with what your prices are to med patients on a 10 pack of beans? I like to keep a good stock of genes around :) but i cant find anyone to beat TGA seeds price or genetics! but if i can find a local seed outlet that brings the genes and the consistent quality then i am all over it!

    here is a little run down with my situation and maybe you can point me in the right direction for strains!

    i suffer from severe neuropathy in my back and left leg along with spasms that often cause me hours of immobility, any thoughts on what strain or strains would be best? like i said pm me with the info and price thanks :)

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it and just wanted to make sure it was cool as I am sure you are very busy. I have not met Subcool either, and really have only limited experience growing his gear, but all of the bud samples of his genetics have blown me away and I have learned alot from his articles.

    Ill check the website again and read up on the strains more but what would be your personal suggestion for extreme pain relief? Super-strong heady highs help me forget the pain, and work better than heavy Indicas for me.

    Thanks again for being available-

    ** I checked the website and the pic of the Django is amazing!

    CropReport Member

    "21" is pretty heady and has a weird profile to it (relatively high CBD).

    Also, we have a new one called "Further" that comes from our own PGP (haze x indica) mom vs. the Purp Rhino (RW7) male. It's certified for sale, but we're waiting on packaging. Should be packed and out by the 30th.

    I'm finishing some from this seed lot right now and it's very vigorous. Both of the inputs are stable and finish well in CO conditions.

    Yeah, the Django is a beast :) It's a our biggest yielder so far. We'll be tasting that plant in about 2-3 weeks. -CR

    CropReport Member

    I have something like 4 posts. I cannot PM. Sorry.

    As for dealing with your sysmptoms, what have you tried that has worked for you in the past? Do you lean toward one end of the spectrum vs. the other? (Sativa/Indica) -CR

    Sneezy Well-Known Member

    depends i like a sativa that has run a little more amber and an indica that is mostly cloudy, a few that have helped in the past have been, golden goat, island sweet skunk, any thing in the cheese family :), white rhino, white widow.

    I need a good day smoke that will help with pain but wont lock me down to the couch, and a night time smoke that focuses purely on the body and not the mind.

    i will give you a buzz on the land line!

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    d.c. beard, when you see this pic of the one 21 cola, it will make sense, i usually only get a bout a hlf p from a 600 but this shit yields huge!. I gotta pull the pic from my camera so gimme a day to post it please. I had a high male ratio on the blueberry and high hermie rate, we got one good mother. The 21 is fuckin amazing man. I will post a pic of it to show you how big the buds are on some of em. we liked the 21 so much we kept it and are now running it under 4000 to get BIG results. Blueberry got stressed, ac went out, so most likely our fault from stress. Every single seed grew uniform and looked identical so good and stable genetics. I like my stuff right at point where my trichs are all cloudy and just a bit amber so I pulled for personal choice, if you let it go another week of so, then you get some crazy couch effect! The 21 smells like a bag of raw sugar to me, and the blue smells like paint thinner and fruit! Very tasty too.

    CropReport Member

    Very nice. Sorry you are having troubles with the BB. When you say hermie, did you get the shriveled preflowers that just poke their heads out or did you get fully extended anthers that dropped pollen?

    The "21" is special. I'd love to see your photos. We get a fragrance off of her that is like that dry "County Time Lemonade" powder. The effect is very much to my liking as well.

    Anyhow, you PMd me and asked about where to find seed, I cannot PM just yet, but hit our website and look on the "Where to Buy" page. I think we're in about 60 dispy's in the state.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can come see me in Lafayette and buy direct. No sales tax. We have some Django finished that you can taste if that matters to you :) -CR

    mouthmeetsoap Active Member

    Dang man. I wish those pics were up. I'm gonna subscribe just cause I wanna see the pics of "21". It's always good to read threads full of people who know their stuff too.

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]Here is a pic of the 21 finally. Sorry for the delayed post. been busy smoking it all!!!

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    Co grower here also newb. Centennial seeds? Do u have a link to there web site?

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