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CBD a cure schizophrenia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by LWD, Nov 6, 2012.


    LWD Active Member

    Hello, I think its bad that Big Pharma just wants to treat you, and not cure you. It could be 15 years before we see doctors writing CBD prescriptions, that means I got to be sick with schizophrenia for another 15 years? All they want is their profit and the cure which is CBD will take that away from them. I can't believe they'd value money over people's health. Evil bastards. How people can just get fat off these weight gaining anti psychotics for so long when the cure is right in front of our faces without negative side effects, the only problem is that its illegal.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    it's not just pharmaceuticals. it's alcohol, tobacco, timber, cotton, latex and even the greedy bastards that made weed illegal to begin with, dow chemicals, when they invented nylon in world war two. ALL of those bastards bribe politicians to screw us over, as always, so they can get richer. when you hear some right wing moron talking about "smaller government, they're REALLY talking about deregulating and giving corporate scum even more leeway to pollute the earth, steal retirement funds, and gamble with our savings. corporate scum hate being told what to do.

    THIS is why you should be joining on the occupy movement. it ALL boils down to the same thing... corporations screwing us over every way they can. even, if by a miracle, the sheep, i mean citizens of this country woke up, turned foxnews off, started digging for facts and demanding government serve US and not corporations, and weed was fully legalized, the pharmaceutical industry would STILL avoid it like the plague because they aren't out to cure shit. they want repeat customers. there's no profit in curing anyone.

    i'm glad to see you're putting the pieces together on your own, but it's just one piece in a totally corrupt puzzle.

    LWD Active Member

    I definitely feel what your saying hazey grapes, keep on. I feel the more they study about this plant the more positive stuff they find. We know about the goodness of it already though. Thank god Washington and Colorado legalized it, and that they got their foot in the door. We must continue to make this sort of progress until its every state that's legalized. That is why I think NORML and law enforcement against prohibition LEAP are doing so well. I don't know how many more years its going to take before it gets legalized in my state which is Georgia. But it may make good time once they see how good it is for Colorado and Washington. I'm ready to grow my 6 plants like am I suppose to as a god given right to grow a plant and consume it.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    it won't ever get legalized until the public wakes the eff up and takes this effing country back. EVERYTHING that's fucked up comes back to the same source... money

    - the environment? we could create MILLIONS of jobs in renewable energies as well as start fixing the crap that's wrong. there's a reason we're seeing record storms... namely effing exxon is the second richest company in the world, or at least the US, and they actually get SUBSIDIES while fox network makes morons hate blacks for getting welfare, but corporations get more welfare than everyone else combined

    - the housing bubble that wrecked the economy? corporate raiding with no consequences. investments win, banks win, investments collapse, they get bailed out and some govt. agency i forgot the name of that's supposed to HELP citizens was actually betting against them

    - all that right wing bitching about "smaller government" REALLY means "we hate it when regulations keep us from doiing whatever the fuck we want, we're above the law!" and every time some regulation gets repealed, the environment suffers or corporations get some other wild west perk. the whole economy collapse happened when bill clinton (no difference between democrats & republicans, at least at the presidential level and the likes of dennis kucinich and ron paul ain't EVER gonna be let in

    - despite making more money than ever while the rest of us are starving, the effing rich are bitching for even MORE tax breaks when they already are in LOWER tax brackets than those of us that need the money more, or even exploit loopholes so they don't have to

    and on and on and on... ALL of that shit the occupy movement TRIES to educate people about that the media ignores or even attempts to discredit. the bottom line is that the elite of this country own the politicians like the whores that they are and screw us over at every effing turn for the almighty dollar, and everyone's too stupid to realize that the whole "democrats vs. republicans" shell game is there to give them the illusion of democracy as well as keep us fighting with each other instead of turning on them like we should.

    i don't share your optimism when the government OPENLY violates civil rights with the patriot act, goes after LEGAL med users and all that other crap that's too numerous to even remember. they'll NEVER allow a national vote on legalization because they know that we know it's bullshit keeping weed illegal as it doesn't hurt anyone like legal tobacco, alcohol and even pharmaceuticals that get abused. never noticed that all of those BS studies that call weed a gateway drug that's addictive were funded by the feds who don't want to hear the truth, despite ALL hallucinogens right up to freakin' acid being in the ONLY non-addictive drug family?

    legalization is a threat to the evil empire aka new age movement aka new world order. people start actually getting high again, and they're going to start thinking again, asking questions, and refusing to go with the program just like hippies did. THAT'S why the government ILLEGALLY sprayed paraquat on US citizens as well as mexicans where they had no business. it was to get rid of all of that awesome columbian gold that was making it's way all the way to NY! i started out smoking that shit! it was the happiest time in my life, just watching movies, listening to tunes, clubbing and getting the munchies.

    getting high is a REAL threat to the powers that be. i still say THAT'S why i get trolled so much because i'm vocal about it. stoned? that's OK as far as they're concerned as people aren't a threat if they're stoned, tired and stupid. BTW, there's ANOTHER lie the right wing (and by that, i mean the establishment) perpetuates... people that blaze are lazy! BS! one study showed that workers who blaze are 20% or more productive than those that don't with the HT probably author joking "so they can buy more weed". you want workers to get shit done, give them kali mist! they won't be able to sit still if they want to! smoking haze x skunk saved my effing life FOR REAL by getting me off rot got which was a dice roll iff it was going to choke me to death every morning. not only that, i started losing weight on it by dieting (a threat to the food industry right there) and once i realized i'd lost about 10 pounds in just a month, i started doing crunches and working out, so fuck that "lazy stoner" crap. yeah... stoned individuals aren't motivated, but SO FAR in my preferences poll, NO ONE is a stoner and only 20% have a slight preference for it with most in the middle and almost 40% on the side of getting high.

    i WISH it would be legalized, but the public is just too sheepish to say fuck you and demand democracy. i was hip to occupy by day 3 as it was making stoner forum mentions, and haven't ever gotten a single friend or family member to take it seriously. there just aren't enough people that have had it, and many that do are just too stupid to put the pieces together or even too scared to accept the dictatorship we're already living in.

    i REALLY DO believe weed is god's greatest gift! it's fibers are stronger than timber and some 20x more renewable, all the while nitrifying the soil. all of that positive energy and peace, love and jesus stuff from the 60s was from weed. i wish i'd been old enough to have seen it before the illuminati shut it down.

    besides ALL of the benefits it offers in materials and state of mind, a clue that god WANTS us to partake is all the delicious fucking flavors that it comes in... blueberry, cherry, orange, lemon, licorice, garlic, pepper, cheese and my favorite, no bullshit tutti fruity (juicy fruit gum) in highland thai. i bet that's what little richard was whomp bomp a loom bomp a lomp bom bomming about.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I very much am curious to see how this would effect a schizophrenic.

    LWD Active Member

    How herb would effect a schizophrenic? Well I can vouch for you, I am a schizophrenic, due to my unlucky circumstances all I was ever able to score around here was street weed mostly except that time I grew hindu kush in Alaska. But I'm not going to lie, I find that the plants higher in THC tend to induce more psychosis but for plants with high CBD and indicas there's no problem with it at all. What I can't stand is the researchers trying to link cannabis with a person getting schizophrenia, I think its a bunch of BS and sketchy at best. There are more studies that CBD found in marijuana treats and potentially cures schizophrenia but that is yet to be confirmed and the freaking government wont reschedule marijuana as a schedule 1 to something like two or three until it sees those published results from scientists. Meanwhile and in the past you have negative studies where they would ingest insanely large amounts of THC smoke to monkeys enough to kill it and then say that its bad for you. Most testimonials of people having negative experiences from marijuana I'd say a greater percent of those individuals never tried any medical strains their first time, mostly that street stuff which is likely to have very high THC and real low CBD like .1 percent. Of course they are going to attest to feeling paranoid and anxiety, THC brings you up but without the CBD to hold you back, schizophrenics like myself can have a crazy experience off it. I've quit smoking for 8 years because of that, but now I feel that I need the plants blessings back in my life and I'm only going to smoke what I grow myself.

    LWD Active Member

    Many truths, I appreciate it hazey grapes being vocal about it. Thanks!
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, I'm late to the party but I saw CBD in the OP and had to read. didn't finish, sorry if this was talked about already but I have a high CBD strain with an equal ration of THC/CBD. recently test at 10% each. is this also useful to have a matching THC/CBD ratio? Bettter or worse to have equal parts? I see lots of either or plants with High CBD OR THC but not many equal parts. Thanks,

    LWD Active Member

    hi cory and trevor how r ya? Well I heard that its good, 1:1 ratio is. Because whatever level your THC is going to be, CBD is right up there with it. I don't know the effects of an either or, but I heard you can't go wrong with a 1:1 ratio strain. Try growing "Respect" by Reggae Seeds, it is a Juanita La Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze cross with a 1:1 ratio CBD THC. Toke safe and have a good one.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    It is BS and sketchy at best. Overall rates of Schizophrenia haven't really changed in a 100 years. Glad to hear CBD is helping a lot. I really want to hook up my best friend's brother with something like this, he is not handling his own schizophrenia well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Derple Well-Known Member

    Just curious, what is living with schizophrenia like?

    LWD Active Member

    Hi Derple hope all is well with you. Sure I'll be glad to answer your question. So your curious what living with schizophrenia is like..

    I wake up each day and realize I got a permanent disease in my head. I got to take my medication everyday without fail or I will break down into a psychotic episode. If I don't get a full nights rest each night the following day I can have delusions, hallucinations and the like. I can't work or be employed in any branch of the military. I can't work fast food because of the crazy schedules interfering with my sleep. I can't get on disability because they still say I can work. I can't drink any alcohol because it interferes with the medication I am on. I play basketball, go to the gym, make beats, grow indoors, shoot archery, kayak fishing and the like. Life ain't too bad but it could be a whole lot better mentally. In a nutshell for me that is what it is like living with schizophrenia. Thanks.
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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    sativas would be a terrible match for many people. i know i used to get paranoid all of the time whenever i couldn't find something i was looking for like a cassette tape and would always be sure it was some family member hiding it on me to mess with my head. i STILL say the two gals i knew that claimed to get dosed at rock concerts just smoked something really trippy for the first time in their lives and were too nervous and jumpy to deal with it. such people should NOT be messing with potent hallucinogens at all.

    before i actually started blazing after taking useless hits off a cousin's clogged bowl and getting nothing, i joined some classmates that wanted me to join a gangbang with an apparently friendly gal i didn't know liked group scenes. i wasn't particularly into it as i wasn't really friends with any of them, but they were friends of my alleged friends.

    so, we're going for a ride on the highway. i have no idea where we were supposed to be going. everyone starts passing around a bowl. i passed. then, we take an off-ramp that i'd never been on before that ran parallel to an on-ramp i'd been on many times, so i thought we were going the wrong way. i casually say "aren't we going the wrong way?" and the chick starts freaking out and screaming "let me out! let me out!" clawing to jump out of a car moving 40mph like marge simpson on an airplane not being able to conceptualize, even if we DID head into another car, it would be easy to avoid a collision and once it was pointed out there were 2 lanes with a divider and i realized i was mistaken and that the stop light we were approaching proved the case, she was still trying to faceplant pavement. everyone else was calm, but that chick should not have been blazing. afterwards, she starts crying and trembling.

    now that i've started sampling the kinds of hybrids that you can't get on the streets, i've let up a little on my contempt for being stoned because in many places, that's ALL you can ever get, but now, a nice balanced buzz with a relaxing but functional stone can take the edge off a trippier high. i'm not as much a fan of racy buzzes now as they do tend to get more twitchy and paranoid, but still can't stand a buzz that's just stone, even with euphoria as in skunk #1 & blueberry.

    one thing that really annoys me though, is the kind of person that makes a big uppity stink about how "evil" weed is that refuses to even try it and only wants to make sure no one else does. at least a couple times i've been annoyed with stinky breath cigarette smoking hypocrite girlfriends who try and tell me not to blaze. effing junkies got a lot of nerve there! one, that wanted to marry me and have my children, wasn't hearing it when i told her to stop smoking cigarettes.

    what's sad is just how apathetic the public can be though. a few years back, there were a bunch of candidates for some marijuana reform party on the ballot in several low priority offices. in a county with about half a million voters, about 50 of us voted for the party.

    even WORSE are the sellouts who DO blaze, but still say it should be illegal. of course any dealer making money overcharging customers for, to me, inferior stoner schwag, don't want to see it legalized either.

    it's so annoying always when people put their own self interests above the greater good at any level, or as my otherwise douchebag of a muttonchop elvis looking stepfather used to say, "hooray for me, boo for you".

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    Holy shit...... I agree with Hazey Grapes! Who would have figured, someone puff a Columbian joint with this fool. Stick to politics man!

    Icyblaze Active Member

    I totally AGREE we have to start fighting against the government. Because this is there way of controlling the population. ITS NOT UNETHICAL.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    it's not just about controlling us, it's about them, not the government, they're the whores in the mix below the presidential level where millionaires play, but the elite that pull their strings, it's about protecting their own interests that ours get in the way of. take "obamacare". if americans were to join the rest of the civilized world and adopt TRUE socialized medicine "like them canadian commies", then they'd have to start some of the money they've been making a grab for the past 2-3 decades back. such a system would also require cost cutting measures which would cut into the pharmaceutical industry's wild west "we'll charge whatever the eff we want" monopoly. by the way, if you ever need expensive medicines, go to new jersey! i did some telephone surveys for thrombolitic enzymes (heart medicine) and noticed that some hospitals were charging 5x their cost or more into the thousands of dollars for the meds while hospitals in new jersey had the lowest markup with at least one hospital charging their cost.

    why did the "health care reform" we have now pass? because insurance companies get a slice of the pie! fuck that sellout obama! he talked a big game just like that "read my lips, no new taxes" douchebag, but at every turn, he sold us out to the same bastards in the name of "co-operation" which really amounts to "if the rich don't want it to happen, it won't". it's REALLY fucking hysterical that he's done more republican type shit like escalating the war and expanding gitmo, but the right demonize him for doing their bidding while the TRUE left hates him for the very same thing selling us out. he had the power to push socialized medicine through and deliver on his promises (proof that the 2 party system is just an illusion... clinton signed for bank deregulation) when he had a majority in congress that, in theory if congress weren't corrupt bribe taking whores too, could have pushed it right through with a "fuck you bitches! we're taking this country back!". did that happen? no. he dragged his heels under the pretense of "bi-partisanship" so the republicans could take control of congress and he'd have a scapegoat as to WHY it couldn't pass. bi-partisan my ass! more like BUY-partisan. ooooooooooh! i should trademark that!

    politicians are just the tools of the elite at the lower level. any that make it to president though are members of skull and bones. no shit... george bush, john kerry and freakin' hugh hefner are all related and bush and kerry are both members of skull and bones caught on camera admitting it, but nothing else.

    THAT is the illuminati new world order we're living in. not EVERY conspiracy theory is just a theory.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member


    ford442 Well-Known Member

    i have schizophrenia and i am sick of Zyprexa - after 10 years of it i am developing high cholesterol - first i gained more than 100 lbs - i went from 145 skinny to 295 whale in like 2 years. i managed to get back down to 235 now, but my doctor now wants me on cholesterol meds which have side effects and increased risk of diabetes just like Zyprexa. it has killed my sex drive for 10 years and screwed with my reproductive parts.

    i have started buying Dixie X Dew Drops CBD tincture and cut down on my Zyprexa dosage. however, i cannot afford to get enough CBD this way - high CBD weed is not the route - you need a HIGH concentration - i believe the studies in europe involve 400 - 500 mg doses of straight CBD - Dixie sells 25mg for $11 or 100mg per bottle of oil - then there is the expensive $160 2oz bottle with 500mg total CBD - but, again, i don't think that is enough to treat schizophrenia. i will have to suffer and potentially die also until CBD is provided in a mainstream way. weed helps in some cases, but can also worsen my day to day symptoms at times.

    CBD is also good for other things - diabetes type 2 - cancer - the list goes on - so, i agree that it is very unfortunate that we have been denied a treatment and cure for disease simply to provide for profit margins...

    dirtnap411 Active Member

    I wish I could afford to get a dosage that high of CBD, smoking indicas helps a little, but I'm tethered to mt Latuda, I was on Invega, for 5 years, but it gave me t2 diabetes.

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    colorado and washington should be growing hemp soon - hemp is rich in CBD - that is how Dixie X makes their CBD and sells it legally because it comes from hemp and not indica. so, we should see the price come way down really soon. i don't want diabetes. i just moved from 20mg down to 15 down to 10mg of zyprexa. perhaps i could go even lower. then maybe, just maybe, i can replace that with 400mg daily CBD and finally be done with prescription meds!

    i read that most times when weed has little or negligible THC then it conversely will have more or exclusively CBD. perhaps the plant replaces it's sunblock thc resin with sunbloclk cbd resin.

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