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Causes of Foxtailing

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Old in the Way, Jan 20, 2009.

    Old in the Way

    Old in the Way Well-Known Member

    My current harvest has been flushing for a few days now and on a couple phoenotypes of the same strain the buds foxtail and push new growth, white hairs and new little flower shoots out of the almost entirely mature buds.

    Many get dense and hold their shape but a fair number of plants are displaying this trait.

    Is this normal?

    Any input as to the cause of this would be appreciated.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Im happy when this happens to me & i take advantage of it,i say let them grow out & take advantage of the added growth while you can.

    Wish i could be of real help answering the main question but i really dont have a clue what causes this other than they are not ready to stop budding yet.
    sUpA nOvA D9

    sUpA nOvA D9 Well-Known Member

    I figure its just from us making the plants do what we want (certain strains crossed that wouldn't have occured naturally) this basicly happens to humans (not foxtailing, but mutations) especially now that we are messing with nuclear, toxics are in everyday items, and food has so many hormones, and un-natural products feed to our food to make it bigger, quicker.

    I agree with panhead (even though this hasent occured to me...yet), take advantage of the added growth more ganja growth is NEVER a bad thing.

    gweetz69 Active Member

    Wow great question. My plant is doing the same thing. I noticed it did after i flushed it at about 6 weeks of flowering.

    In my situation i believe my buds had slowed and almost stop growing for a little bit, because of nute burn, or ph imbalance in the soil, so they started to mature and over half of the hairs were turning orange/brown. THen about 5 days after pure water drenching the soil, the plant started to burst out new white hairs everywhere.

    Thats my theory why it happend to me.

    The thing i worry is could it be bad if the majority of the bud is Over RIPE, and is it bad to leave your buds on longer because of new growth? I dunno, so i cut off some that were majority was oarnge/bown and left some others so they can get bigger.
    Old in the Way

    Old in the Way Well-Known Member

    Great feed back guys...thanks. My gut told me it was probably due to much of what you guys mentioned particularly the forcing of a fixed light cycle, i.e. making them do what we want (in nature the days keep getting shorter and colder nights finalize alot of flower maturity cycling the plant into death or dormancy so it will reproduce later via seed, division, etc).

    My gut also told me the same as you suggested and I am letting them go....today is day 63 but another week can't hurt.....they are definately adding mass :leaf::leaf::leaf::weed:

    Thanks again for the replies.

    -OitW :peace:
    fat sam

    fat sam Well-Known Member

    i just had some northern lights do that, i cloned off 2 phenos and a few of each plants clones did this right before harvest, i just chopped the thing as if this was not going on as you will notice that your new growth is more stretching than it is really more calaxs, i mean yes there are a few new ones but if you let it go to much longer it will start stretching sort of like a single calax tower ........at least thats what i observed in my grow, it was bug hard nugs with a few towers growing off the tops, i think that in most cases where heat stress is not anissue is that the plant is dying and it knows it so its trying for one last gasp to get polinated....thats my theory atleast

    Greenthumbs422 Member

    I friends, just joined the site. Having major foxtailing going on, I think its from using Atami Bloombastic, or from cooler temps. My temps were too high, so I took care of that. So it could be that or the Bloombastic, I think its the Bloombastic. The so looed like mutant plants and still unsure on how I feel about it. Don't know what week I am in because I am Sea of Green, i.e. perpetual grow so I 'm ading new girls periodically. But I got these close to mature heads with these new sporuts coming out of the top, now I do have some sativas that the tops havn't filled out. We'll see the end result in a few weeks, prob more closer to 4 weeks

    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    to much nitrogen or light leaks id bet,also new growth can trap moisture and cause mold keep a close eye on your plants

    tfishing Well-Known Member

    HEAT! atleast that has been the cause for me... Is it happening on only the tallest of ze cola's ? If so its probably heat. Spring has been throwing my room for a loop!

    unity Well-Known Member

    Heat is my vote as well. Not a big deal though, I have some BJ doing it on the top colas. Definitely adds some weight :)))
    BTW, we need to differentiate between foxtailing and dreading. The former sucks as it is just a stretchy ass calyx as the mate above states.

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    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    I do believe that fox-tailing is a recessive gene.
    Dr. Awkward

    Dr. Awkward Member

    Is this a pic of foxtailing?


    Otacon Well-Known Member

    My girl started foxtailing about 2 days after I flushed. Interesting, a good portion of people seem to notice foxtailing a couple of days after flushing... Still, how could that be related?

    hamanu23 Member

    I believe this is caused when your plant is locked out or partially locked out due to improper ph and when you flush the plant and bring it back to levels where it can uptake nutrients again it takes off.
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    Hank's Hooter

    Hank's Hooter Active Member

    I agree. bongsmilieyour washing salts out and easing nutrient lockout.

    Also plants seems to love the chance to get knocked up one last time before they are chopped.
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    greenpeace31 Well-Known Member

    nute lock being taken care of!! i found its easier to get lock out with smaller pots. i just had it happen to me.

    Greenthumbs422 Member

    I'm quite sure as i look back that it was due to heat and with flushing, I got some crazy foxtailing going on currently...Crazy!!!

    voodoofx Active Member

    I'm in week 10 using half nutes and it's been hot. I'm glad to read here that it is not something bad. It' hard to get a good photo but.....

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    buggin69 Active Member

    i agree with lockout

    had a mother (very old) that i was fighting to keep green before i turned her
    i've been organic so it'e been a daily battle and i know she's not 100% (also has 50 + heads to try to keep healthy) and she is definitely foxtailing a little bit after some fresh water... i don't mind... if she gave up right now i'd still be happy

    stelthy Well-Known Member


    This is a Strawberry Thai lady, she's one of my very 1st soil grows (I mainly do DWC grows!) But has started "Fox-tailing" I'am guessing its either down to high Humidity or where I have been feeding with an un-balanced PH. I hope it still smokes fine? - STELTHY :leaf:

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