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Caught wife cheating after 18 years of marriage

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by zack66, Jul 20, 2013.


    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that sums it up. Caught her 2 months ago fucking my old best friend. He had just gotten out of prison after serving 8 years for beating the shit out of his girlfriend with a hockey stick. He also stole and totaled her car. He's spent 20 of the last 25 years locked up. Complete loser. Also ugly as fuck with lot's of scars from being stabbed multiple times. I can only guess her attraction is based on his being a bad boy. I don't get it. I'm a self employed somewhat successful contractor. I'm far from being rich but, I do alright. So 18 years I've never cheated or raised a hand to her. Anyway after catching her the first time I was in the process of moving out when she did some ass kissing. Started counseling and all that good shit. She boo hooed all night saying how sorry she was said it was a mistake and would never do it again She even went as far as saying the sex with him was yucky! So like a fuckin" idiot I stayed and gave it another try. Last week she started taking off, not answering her phone and staying away from me. I caught her up in a few lies and managed to get her to admit she was fucking around with him still. Needless to say i'm packing my shit had a big yard sale today selling lot's of my shit. I had 7 beautiful plants in my backyard some purple widow that were already 7 ft tall. I ripped them all up and put them in the fire pit. Figure i'm not hooking her up with jack shit. Fortunately I've still got a few nice ones deep in the woods nobody knows about. I live in the northeast and my family has a house in Florida. Nobody is down there until the middle of October. So i'm going to take a vacation for awhile down there. Not sure if it's for a month or all winter. I don't trust anyone to take care of the plants in the woods. I'm going out tomorrow and feed the shit out of them and that will be it till late sept when I come up to harvest. Hoping they still do okay but. I'm still on veg nutes and won't be able to give any flower nutes so i'm hoping for the best with them. Not sure if i'll be on the computer for a bit. This fall I shall return here after harvest and do an update. Needed to get some of this shit off my chest thanks to everyone whose ears I bent. Zack
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    Perfextionist420 Well-Known Member

    thats fucked up and terrible, very sorry to hear that. hope your vacation puts you in a better place
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    doublejj Well-Known Member

    Ugh, what kind of "fertilizer" are you going to feed them?......?......that new stuff called 'ex-con'?
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    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man hoping out of sight out of mind somewhat works for this one.

    Dibbsey Active Member

    women are the same they want what they dont got. time to be your own man now. No more rules, no more having someone telling you what to do all the time no more nagging. There are both positives and negatives to this. Look on the bright side, your a free man now.
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    zack66 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya man but, I feel my wifes the whore. He's a douche bag for doing it but i'm giving most of the blame to the slut. Maybe a mixture of the two!

    NietzscheKeen Well-Known Member

    Golden Malrin

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    Wow my dude. Know that feeling and its terrible. Have never been with anyone near as long as you guys where together so I cant even imagine. I was with who I thought was the love of my life for several years and she ended up dumping me with no explanation. Found out less than 2 weeks later from some mutual friends that she was engaged to they guy she was with before me and had been cheating on me for some time. Guy she left me for sells blow, cheats on women (my ex gf before I dated her and another one of my friends dated him while me and my ex where together) and is just an asshole. Even if my ex wasn't with him I still wouldn't like the guy. Its been almost a year and it still burns sometimes. She completely threw me out of her life and we don't speak anymore. A lot of people would wonder why I would even want to talk to her again but for a while she was very good to me and my best friend. Anywho what goes around comes around. Guy knocked up both my ex gf and my other friend in the same month. I felt bad for my friend she got dogged really bad by him and ended up getting an abortion. Sending you good vibes my friend. Keep your head up! Someday you may look back at all of this and realize it was a blessing in disguise. You deserve way better anyways.
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    doublejj Well-Known Member

    The good news is that in most states she has dis-credited herself by committing adultery. That will hurt her in the divorce proceeding. Good luck.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Off with the bitches head !

    dlftmyers Well-Known Member

    Dude Florida has some hot girl's But that really suck's man hope things turn out for the best keep your head up

    Cowboykush Well-Known Member

    Good luck & dont look back..

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Sounds like a rough thing to go through. I'd get some hookers to help you through it.

    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Times like this I wish I lived in South America some places let you whack your wife for hurting your honor.

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    Hahaha so one plus side to my break up was that a few female friends of mine where extremely generous and the same thing when I got out of jail as well. Granted I was only in there 2 days but that week after I was getting it in. :hump:

    blacksun New Member

    Hit up the bars in Tallahassee, lots of all-girl colleges there and they are hooooorny.

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    still miss having a lady sometimes. Thinking about doing this new thing called video match. Check it out. [video=youtube;A21wxZKiao8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A21wxZKiao8[/video]

    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately i'm a little to old to be skanking up some college chicks. Though, i'd certainly love the chance. I'm going to Vero beach anyone know any hot spots?

    Dibbsey Active Member

    Or just live in the old days where women are women and men are men. There is some stuff you can do though :) you know her very well, fuck with her anonymously.
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    Autistic Austin

    Autistic Austin New Member

    All about the motion lf the ocean baby!

    Watch your back....you didn't have any life endurance with her did ya?

    Also, you MIGHT be boring.

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