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Caught Sending Weed through Fed Ex

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by siin82, May 6, 2009.


    siin82 Well-Known Member

    So, I have a CA medical marijuana license and I sent 5 joints to my son in WA, who also has a CA MM license through Fed Ex. They must have X-Rayed the package, because they called me and left a message saying only "Sending contraband through Fed Ex is illegal". That was all they said. Now the package has been in Memphis since Sunday and it was supposed to be delivered today. I called and they said it was being held because the package was suspicious.

    Question is: What do you think they will do? Contact the Feds? I'm wondering if my home is going to get raided?

    Yes, I was very stupid and put my real name, address and phone. My wife has been kicking me ever since I heard the message from Fed Ex.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    SyNiK4L New Member

    holy shit. i dn man do u have a grow setup in ur house?

    stumps Well-Known Member

    Ask them who the hell is sending stuff threw fed ex with my name on it.

    stumps Well-Known Member

    wow I've sent tons of stuff with fed ex never a problem but never put my name on it.
    Think I'll make a lock box and use lead to spell out fck off keep out. that will catch there attn.
    Chase the Bass

    Chase the Bass Active Member

    Have you tried talking to some type of boss there about it and explaining your situation? Maybe even ask who you should talk to.

    stumps Well-Known Member

    lol having med cards might help, but I doubt it. All mail is fed reg. and feds don't like pot.

    siin82 Well-Known Member

    Here's an update:

    I called Fed Ex - they said that they knew what was in the package and had contacted the local DEA. At this point, I'm shitting a bit. I asked them to have the authorities contact me - I wanted to get this resolved. I get a call about 40 minutes later from someone from LA IMPACT (http://www.code2high.com/laimpact.htm) - this all happened in LA. It appears to me the package never left LA, even though the Fed Ex tracking said it was in Tennessee (unless it went there and came back). The local guys said that because it was only 5 joints they were doing nothing. I had a check in the package as well and they asked that I meet them to return the check. They assured me they would not arrest me.

    Long story a bit shorter, I met them, they gave me the check and told me never do this again. So, I'm free and clear. Who knows if my name will be in some file somewhere, but no arrest (whew!).

    stumps Well-Known Member

    Good deal for ya. Glad they didn't make a big deal out of it.
    Chase the Bass

    Chase the Bass Active Member

    Great news! I had a feeling this would end well.

    odbsmydog Well-Known Member

    next time send it like it's illegal, even if you have your card. just pretend you are sending heroin or something and do it incognito style. my buddy used to send pounds through fedex just put them in a box wrapped in xmas paper with a tag like to timmy from grandma, with no return address.

    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    Wow man, you got really lucky.

    That was silly giving your real details.
    Chase the Bass

    Chase the Bass Active Member

    That's a pretty good idea about the Christmas present. I wouldn't try that in May though. Unless Grandma has Alzheimers.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    you have to have a REAL return address or they won't accept it.

    cackpircings Well-Known Member

    WOW dude that is a crazy story, if this were me I would have cleaned out my house and pants!

    timsatx1 Well-Known Member

    interesting that you actually went to meet with them. i dont think i would have believed them about not arresting me. but obviously worked out.

    stumps Well-Known Member

    I use a real address just not mine. I think next time I send I will put the cheif of polices name and addy as retun address.

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    my buddy put them in tea bags in a box of tea. its a lot of work for all those bags, but hesends like an oz at a time

    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    You're wrong there! I've got a buddy in cali that sends me ozs now and again, we've done it at least 20 times and it's worked everytime... fedex overnight, vac sealed a bunch, then put in package of candy, and then seals that bag up...he uses a fake name and fake address on his end, and then we send it to my friends house here that doesn't grow...small shit is fine, but watch out with the bigger amounts...i had a really close friend last year that was getting sent 10lbs every month from oregon, i told him to watch out cause that was way too much, and sure enough one morning the DEA, post inspector and local LEO came to his door guns drawn, they thought he was a huge dealer...also dumb, they were using USPS, which is a no no...luckily he had no priors and an awesome lawyer, so bout a month in county, then some probation...take care guys


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i know you can't print a label at UPS without a "real" return address. it doesn't have to be YOUR real address, but it has to be a real physical address that is on file. you enter it all in a computer. i tried making up an address and was denied. it gave me a list of known addresses that were close to the one i was trying to enter. i picked a random one off the list. but it was a REAL address.

    I did this, not "my buddy". call me a liar. :roll:

    bigDAWG Well-Known Member

    thats crazy. good story lol

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