Castle Marijuana Seeds...BEWARE!

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by OK420, May 11, 2010.


    OK420 Member

    Thought they had a nice selection, and liked that they offered packages of 5 for a decent price. Ordered March 30, got a shippong confirmation on April 14. Still no beans. Have sent three e-mails to inquire with NO reply whatsoever. Glad I didn't spend (lose) a lot of $ with this. But posting about this so hopefully no one else will get ripped off.:sad:

    crainface Member

    I've ordered from them twice....without any problems. Took about 3 weeks, cause customs is so backed up

    Hope that helps

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    where the hell are they sending them from that customs holds em that long? attitudes goes through 1 week to 9 days tops for most peeps i noticed :O i know dr chronic doesnt stock his seeds quickly enough so from him it took 3 weeks.. [​IMG]

    deckstrus Member

    i have ordered from this company and havent had any problems with deliver or seed quality.i ordered on the friday and recieved my order the following thursday in the uk.if u have ordered from over sea's it will take well longer too arrive unless customs snatchies ur quality seeds.10/10 for my service with Castle Marijuana Seeds. KEEP TOKING AND KEEP GROWING!!

    4dayperpetual New Member

    I had no problem. My seeds came quickly and discreetly. Placing another order today.
    Sir Stanky

    Sir Stanky Active Member

    I had an order not make it through customs from Castle. After a month from the original shipping date I sent them an email. They promptly responded and reshipped the order and the second attempt came through fine.

    My experience with them has been very positive.

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