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Carbon Scrubbers

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by ducebud, Jan 7, 2008.


    ducebud Active Member

    Whats up, I need an exhaust fan for my box and I saw the as on this website for those carbon scrubbers its a banner near the top or bottom. does anybody have experience with these? if so is it a good product? also, on the page where they are for sale it says they are meant for stand alone use in a room or cabinet. does this mean that i cant hang it with the fan facing outward from my box for exhaust? :joint: one love
    alphabibbiddy boo boo

    alphabibbiddy boo boo Well-Known Member

    they look shiesty to me bro, not to knock sponsers or anything... even tho i blatantly am, but i'm building my own.. its not that tough (even though i havent done it yet).. i have some activated carbon on the way, then all i need is some ductwork and a mesh/screen of some type.. theres some ideas in the DIY section you could use for inspiration, once you see how they work, you wont even consider buying one... unless your breaded as FUCK.. only thing is then you have to buy a fan as well, but at least it wont be the cheapo computer fan they use on their smallest model...

    its up to you, i like to save dough and learn as much as i can about the entire system.. PM me if you have any questions
    Mr. Limpet

    Mr. Limpet Well-Known Member

    Im curious as to how good they work too. Im sure somebody has bought one by now

    Growbot Well-Known Member


    ducebud Active Member

    Yea, i saw the DIY thread too that looks legit ppl been sayin it works good. I'm gonna try that cuz i already got a fan i wanna use, and I'm not lookin to spend major bread.

    dankforall New Member

    I bought one of the filters from the ads. It does not work well for me. It first I was going to use as a filter/exhast fan but when it was not working with the smell. I put up a shelf right above plants so it could suck up lots of air and run it through the carbon, but it still does not help much. Maybe a little but not much!

    niceneasy Active Member

    Hi. Which one of the filters / fans did you buy. I'm thinking on buying the medium with exhaust one, ebay link here below. If it extracts properly it would be great for my new drobe grow, I currently use a bathroom extractor & it's very noisy.

    Also another question, and probably a stupid one. I take it the fan draws the air in, and pushes it out through the carbon, and not pulls it through the carbon and out through the fan.


    Activated Carbon Air Filter Scrubber w/ Exhaust Duct - eBay (item 160190953424 end time Feb-12-08 21:32:31 PST)

    lildre Active Member

    yo how can i hook up th shelf carbon scubber to vent the air out the closet and out the exhaust of my air contditioner? help pleas
    Mr. Limpet

    Mr. Limpet Well-Known Member

    what size was the filter you bought and how big is your room/# of pLANTS

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    those fans/filters look like a safety hazard bro!!

    niceneasy Active Member

    Yeah, in the end up I've decided against. The postage was going to kill me for a start - lol. I'm going to go the prooven route instead and use a small RVK with some acoustic ducting. A 100mm one would be more than ample with my size of grow, I'll still have to stick a dimmer on it to slow it down.
    Star Gazer

    Star Gazer Active Member

    I just bought that identical filter w/exhaust and installed it yesterday. Works like a BEAUTY. It's very quite too. I mean if you have the tools, skills, and knowledge you could easily make one yourself, but this one works well and isn't that pricey.

    The only problem is that it works too well for my room! It's sucking in way too much air for my tiny room. The humidity dropped from 60% to 25% after less then 20 mins of the fan being on. I need to install a dimmer switch on it but i'm not sure how, and I don't wanna burn the house down. Any suggestions? I have a pic of the dimmer I bought in my grow journal.

    HERBDRYER Active Member

    420 Growper

    420 Growper Well-Known Member

    Bamm Bamm

    Bamm Bamm Well-Known Member

    Those foothill ones look pretty nice..

    Im going to be doing a 6'x8'x8' walkin with a 4'x4' SCOG under a 1000w HPS..Anyone know if theres a way to calculate it out.. I saw a formula on the ebay add but I always tend to like overkill.. I have a 6" ecotech fan on a controller I'll be using..

    Novex Active Member

    I havent gotten it yet, but I was planning on getting something like this:
    The Elf Carbon Filter - 4" x 10" | Air Cleaners/Odor Control=

    I rather pay the 50 bucks and get something professionally made vs me putting it together.

    Its rated around my planned exaust (100-300 CFM)

    When I do get everything Ill post my grow wardrobe.

    GerryWanna Active Member


    dak1b Well-Known Member

    ya carbon filters r the shiiii brother. u can have the dankest weeeed !

    MINOR49ER Active Member

    I bought a filter from odorbusters. Big mistake. I should have spent the couple extra dollars and got one from Foothill Filters. When I get some extra cash I'll be contacting them. I've heard nothing but praise on their filters.
    Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

    GerryWanna Active Member

    I have had my OdorBusters filter for about 9 months now. And have nothing but praise for the quality. My buddy just purchased 1 too. I see his is a new design from mine. and seems to work better and my buddy use's a smaller fan than I do.
    Just throwing back change!

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