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    Hi, i'm starting another new grow but have recently bought a place with my girlfriend. She hates weed, the smell, the effects... everything about it. Anyway i want to grow a plant in our spare room. I will be building cabinets as i told her that i wish to turn it into a study and in one of the cupboards will be a small grow op. Now to the important part, I have a big TT inline fan connected to a carbon filter that i purchased for my previous grow and unfortunately the fan is very loud and it will be noticeable if left on 24/7. I was hoping i can use a couple of 120mm PC fans (One on top of the other) mounted to the top of the filter blowing the smelly air inside, however i am unsure that this will work. Anyone have any experience with what i am trying to achieve? Many thanks :joint:

    weedx Member

    depending on the carbon filter there will be a different min effective CFM required for the filter to work, get a quieter fan that meets the min CFM, there are some 120, 150mm PC fans that can blow almost 200CFM

    as for blowing the air back inside. . . . . thats just problems dude cant see it working

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    Growing whilst living with a missus who hates everything about marijuana is a problem waiting to happen - hell hath no fury and all that. Best make sure you never scorn that woman!

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    haha cheers bigby i know its not the best situation but hey... a mans gotta toke! Thanks for the info stranger i think my current TT fan blows around 200 cfm so ill have a look at buying some super silent computer fans at the same cfm :) Worth a go, if it gets smelly it goes to my mums back yard ;)

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