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Can't stop the yellowing...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by crbound3, Sep 7, 2009.


    crbound3 Active Member

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been growing for a while but am not able to fix this issue permanently.
    I have a yellowing of fan leaves problem that started about 2-3 weeks into flower on one plant only. We're now into week 5-6 and have been feeding regularly but can't seem to halt the progression on this one plant. Now a plant next it is showing the same symptoms but not as pronounced. Seems to be happening from the middle of a budded branch and works it's way up. All branches on this plant are effected. After feeding the progression seems to slow down but then picks back up after 5-6 days, yellowing more leaves up the budded branch. Hopefully the pictures will help identify the prob. The first pic is of 3 plants, with the affected plant being in the middle. the other pics are close-ups of the symptom.

    Here are the specs of my grow:
    6 - Grand Daddy Purple in 8'x14' space.
    Outdoors in the ground in granite based soil. Chicken manure, local Bat Guano, and Bone meal added to holes before planting. During Veg: Local Bat guano, Humboldt Nutrients "Grow" and "Verde" brewed into tea and fed every 7 - 10 days. During Flower: Local Bat Guano, Jamacain Bat Guano, and HN "Grow" and "Bloom" brewed into tea fed every 7 days.

    Nitrogen deficiency?
    Sulphur deficiency?
    Mg deficiency?
    Should I be worrying with only 4-5 weeks left for flowering? :-(

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    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    as flowering progress and the plants life comes to an end it will pull everything out of the fan leaves and send to the buds...

    some plants will show signs earlier... some later.. some not at all.. but its nothing uncommon to see at all..

    unless it seems that bud production/growth is being affected then there is nothing to worry about...

    crbound3 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply and reaffirming what I suspected as well. I think crowding 6 plants and maxing them out in that space makes them more competitive and hungry all the time. I think next grow I will replace some dirt from the site with more compost than usual just in case I'm depleting the soil of anything.

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