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Cannalope Kush by DNA need info indoor height/smell please !

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by fssalaska, Feb 6, 2013.


    fssalaska Well-Known Member

    Help !
    Looking for info on Cannalope Kush by DNA I have searched my ass off and I can not fine any info on indoor plant height and smell..
    Anyone grown this strain and if so what did you think of it ?
    On the smell I use filters and they do work awesome up to a point, I can filter out the smell from, Blue mystic, cheese, Ice, Mazar, Crazy Miss hyde, NL#5 and others but white widow kicks my filters asses, So on smell i'm wanting to know if the Cannalope Kush by DNA is lower odor than a late flowing widow ?

    Malacath Active Member

    I'm growing DNA's Cannalope Kush right now....I got one fem seed from attitudes October 2012 promo and it looking nice. I have pics of it on my journal check it out sometime. From rubbing the stems between your fingers the smell is like sour smelling feet! Very stinky!

    BleedsGreen Active Member

    I just harvested one a few weeks ago, smell like cantaloupe, no shit! It was a single cola dominant plant mine grew to about 4', it only had 4 weeks of veg, it was grown Aero style. There are pictures in my journal. I got a little over 2 oz off that one plant. Like I said it was mostly one huge cola.

    thedumbguy New Member

    must be nice to have such great genetics.how did u acquire them..did they fall from the sky:roll:

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