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Cannabutter Question..Can You Use A Pressure Cooker?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by BigBudE, Jun 3, 2011.


    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    Hello All,
    I have a quick question about cannabutter. Ive made a few kick ass batches just using the water and butter method and that works fine and using a crock pot works great too..but has anyone tried using a pressure cooker? I wouldnt mind trying it out as long as someone else has done it and had success doing it.
    Any Ideas?

    mattman Well-Known Member

    the best batch of butter i ever made... I took a large pot filled it half way with water. I then took my grounded up goodness and put it in a Mason jar and added 1lb butter. I put the pot on the stove and then put the glass jar on top of a wire screen inside the pot (so that the glass didnt touch the hot metal directly), i let the pot come to a rolling boil for 20 minutes and then turned it down to a simmer and let it sit for 6 hours.. 3 brownies the size of golfballs were consumed ... my friend said it was simliar to a bad shroom trip, but i heavily enjoyed it.

    sorry i know its off topic, but why the heck would you even want to go through the trouble of using a pressure cooker when there are simpler methods to make the exact same product.

    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    Its not of the topic.
    The whole pressur cooker idea is that it would take way way less time becouse of the pressure put on the green and butter. I figured it might be alot quicker and get more of the thc out and into the butter. Well that and I already have a pressure cooker so it wouldnt be any trouble at all. If I had to buy a pressure cooker for this there would be no way id try it.
    The most recent time i made some i used a few cups of water and a few sticks of butter and put the butter in the water, let it boil for a min then lowred the temp to a simmer then added around 1 1/2-2 oz of suped lemon haze. I let it simmer around 14 hours then let it cool off and put it in the fridge. When cooled the cannabutter is on top and the water is on the bottom.
    It was the strongest batch ive ever made. I made brownies and a little 1 inch square was enough to knock your dick in the dirt for all day and still have a happy feeling the next day.

    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    I believe the high temps would vaporizer the good stuff, you still need the butter.
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    mattman Well-Known Member

    if you keep the water out of the butter it eliminates the reason to let it sit in a fridge, you can use it right after you make it, therefore saving time.

    andygries Member

    If the liquid inside isn't stagnant, and you have a pressure cooker that can stay around 5psi, it sounds like it might work.

    playplay Member

    This is a fantastic idea and one that I have been putting a lot of research and thought into. Pressure cookers are very popular amongst healthy eaters for cooking because they retain all the vitamins in meats, vegetables and ect. so why would it be any different for cannabis? Isn't Pot just a plant like any other?

    No smell
    faster cook time
    zero losses :)

    I have read comments by naysayers on other forums: people say it will burn the THC or dilute it because Pressure cookers get too hot but I haven't read a post by anybody that has actually tried it. Those comments are informative and may have some validity to them but they seriously lack any understanding of the physics behind how a pressure cooker works.

    I would like to approach this topic from a purely scientific point of view (no experience yet). By raising the pressure of a liquid you raise the boiling temperature of that liquid... If you need proof of this learn how the pressure in your car radiator controls the boiling temperature of antifreeze or how an air conditioner works, it's Bernoulli's principle.

    The THC is in a liquid form (oil) when it enters the butter so why wouldn't it exhibit the same properties? My guess is that the THC will no longer vaporize 225 (or whatever temp causes it to vaporize). Instead it will vaporize at a much higher temp as does water and every other liquid on earth. THC may be magical but I doubt it escapes the laws of physics.

    Furthermore, it shouldn't matter if it does vaporize! It is in a sealed unit, it would only condense again when cooled. Simple chemistry says that it would condense back into a liquid form and be attracted to the butter: polar vs. non-polar chemical compounds, THC and fat are both Non-polar therefore they are attracted to each other. If vaporization does occur, according to this theory, it may in fact increase the potency.

    Also, if you want to play it safe and odor while cooking is your concern; you can still have the benefits of no odor and cook your bud in a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker (stove top type) can be used without any risk of vaporizing THC. You just have to make sure you don't turn it up. Pressure cookers are capable of heating there contents to a higher temperature but you are in control of the amount of heat it gets. An IR thermometer can be aimed at the side of the pot to me sure you remain at your desired temperature. If odor is your only concern just don't turn up the heat. A pressure cooker will not blow off any steam if the temp is kept low (because it won't build enough pressure to open the valve).

    Please, somebody tell me if I am missing something here. I think this will work famously but I am wondering if it is too good to be true.... maybe I am wrong about something here.

    Billdo024 Member

    I think you are right, I use a pressure coooker for canning all the time and ya i think you are onto somthing. maybe process it just like you are canning other foods?

    Qrious New Member

    I found this thread from a few years back, but it seems to end before anybody tried the pressure cooker. Can anybody share your experience with this method?

    I have never made cannabutter, but I would like to try my own variation of the method, unless anyone points out problems with it. I was thinking of cooking the bud in a pressure cooker with just water and letting the pressure extract the chemical goodness into the water. Straining this water would be less messy than straining a mixture with butter or oil. I would mix the strained water with coconut oil and let the mixture cool and separate.

    Somebody suggested cooking with butter alone, without water. I am afraid the pressure cooker would raise the temperature of the fat too high for safety, so that is another reason for cooking in water. I am even afraid of using equal parts of water and fat in a pressure cooker, but of course I haven't tried it.

    Who has done it? Please help!

    BudThaiDo New Member

    Anybody tried it yet???

    underpressurepdx New Member

    I use a pressure canner for butter, oil, glycerine and alcohol tinctures. It's ridiculously fast, potent, and odor free. I will never use any other method again.

    fumble Well-Known Member

    The THC will not extract into water. You need a form of fat...butter oil, etc.

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    Freddyboi New Member

    You need to put the butter and weed into a canning jar and not just into the pressure cooker then cook it at a 10lb's pressure - not below- for 90 minutes. This way you can store it at room temp. for up to a year, make sure you follow the correct canning procedure. Don't let the pressure ever go under 10lbs ( at sea level ) and once the 90 minutes is up just turn the heat off and leave the cooker alone until it has returned to room temp. VERY IMPORTANT -don't release the pressure until the cooker has returned to room heat, if you do release the pressure straight after cooking the contents of your jar will release into the cooker and you will get lots of smell going on ( trust me I know). You need to use good head don't bother with leaves and stalks but if you have had success with leaf material let me know. IMPORTANT - you need to have a pressure cooker with an accurate pressure gauge.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    won't give quality....

    Questionablesources New Member

    Are you putting the canning jar in the pressure cooker with the lid and seal on or is the jar open? I'm excited to try this, it makes perfect sense !

    TryN Well-Known Member

    Can you explain why please? The chemistry/physics works and make sense. Why would the quality lessen? Is there something between the "lab shit" and real world that I am missing?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    "The chemistry/physics works and make sense"

    Not at all actually..
    Anyone who spends time in c&e should find this counterintuitive

    We would never suggest anything of the sort
    Speed is bad, heat is bad, pyrolisis of terps is bad, the added pressure is bad, the method of decarbing and extracting is bad etc etc

    Most often doubling boiling an extract of your choice, watching it decarb, then saturating a carrier, is the method recommended

    What Freddy said right before my post exemplified all that is bad here....also btw this wouldn't last a year..well I guess it depends what compounds your after
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
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    TryN Well-Known Member

    Ok ... Missed the speed issue. Makes sense now thanks.

    Actually, more makes sense now ... I know how to pressure cook as I can make jellies and jams ... Not sure why someone would put an uncapped jar into a pressure cooker.
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    But its so much more, the added pressure exponentially destroys our beloved product. And at much lower temps
    Especially if their is water in there too
    I mean the whole idea of a pressure cooker makes no sense, the faster you decarb and at higher temps (increased pressure is the same thing) the more things break down.

    TryN Well-Known Member

    Makes total sense. ... And i never add water.
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