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Cannabis two week old seedling trouble, please help!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Mortaion, Jun 18, 2013.


    Mortaion New Member


    Two weeks ago I've started germinating three cannabis seeds from SensiSeeds, my first growth ever. They all germinted quite nice and fast, once the roots were 1cm I've burried them in the soil 3mm deep. Several days later there were amazing results, extremely fast increase in height and the first real leaves were showing, soon followed by a second set of leaves. Whilst the second set of leaves were developping I could notice the first set of leaves (the first two) both losing greenness and becoming slightly yellow, I did my research and decided it was due Nitrogen deficiency although I wasn't sure. The soil was universal potting soil with an NPK rating of 14-16-18 specially made for seedlings. The next the day the leaves became more yellow, I decided it was time to fertilize , buy some liquid nitrogen fertlizer (7-3-5) which also had all the trace elements. I did like the instruction said, 20ml each 2500ml and I watered the plants.
    Now the next day, the yellowness is still increasing on all three plants.

    What do you think? Should I just wait or should I do something else? (BTW: I am not 100% sure its Nitrogen Deficiency)

    Extra technical information;
    -3 Plants under 125w blue 6500K CFL with reflector..
    -12 days since germination.
    -A lot of ventilation (three mini computer fans).
    -Temperature always between 75F-85F with an average of 80F.
    -Seeds: Femenised Early Skunk Sensi Seeds.
    -Humidity always between 35-70 with an average of 40.
    -18h CFL lights, 6h full dark.
    -Watering throughly till some drops out from bottom every 2,5day's. (I think I sometimes slightly overwater them, not much)
    -Water I give them is controlled bottled water with a pH of 6.8
    -Anythingelse you need to know? Pictures are below.

    P.S: Sorry for my english , I am from Sweden


    CIMG0768.jpg CIMG0764.jpg CIMG0767.jpg CIMG0766.jpg CIMG0769.jpg CIMG0770.jpg CIMG0771.jpg CIMG0772.jpg CIMG0773.jpg

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