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Cannabis Seeds In United States

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by casimirof, Oct 1, 2007.


    casimirof Active Member

    Is it legal to order cannabis seeds online to the united states around the NY area any one know? and whats sites are recommended that ship to these states

    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    YEs...sadly little things like SEEDS are illegal in the US!!
    Dr chronic is safe... Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank

    casimirof Active Member

    any other sites any one had any more experiences

    rednug Active Member

    i need to buy single seeds and have em delivered to the u.s. anyone know of a good site??

    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    Lots of good information right here on this site. Poke your head over to http://www.rollitup.org/seed-strain-reviews/ and read some of the stickys. :peace:

    thephantompain1990 Well-Known Member

    i think pick and mix is the only seed bank that lets you order individual seeds.
    Bubba Kushman

    Bubba Kushman Well-Known Member

    The attitude has pick and mix and you can purchase some single seeds. World of seeds has 3 packs at a decent price at the attitude and drchronic. I have used both banks with no issues. Also hemp depot and cannabean. A lot of members will vouch for seedboutique and highgrade. Someone will complain about every one of them. Just like anything else, the companys with the fewest complaints are the best. It is illegal and your beans can be seized but the chances you get them is good. If you dont get them you wont like that seedbank. Im the same way. BC Bud Depot never sent my beans and other members have said the same. So I would not order from them again or recomend them. to anyone I know!

    thephantompain1990 Well-Known Member


    gr88pe Member

    and what happend if u dont get them? wil u get a knock at ur door and the police wil b outside? im sayn if u liv in the us?

    blahblahblah123 Active Member

    Depends how paranoid you are.. if your kinda paranoid then you'll get a letter in the mail from customs saying you were shipped some contraband, if you wanna pick it up plz call.. if your really paranoid the cops will show up at your door and harass you and try and make you let em inside.. if your trippin balls then homeland security will show up and bust your door in, gun you down, and show you on the 9 o'clock news as a major pot industry bust.

    hailhopes Active Member

    I live in Texas wondering how can I get my hands on some good seeds. I want to purchase online but I dont know which one will get me what I want. And well I get in big trouble for this or it just pass on through

    Gemdaddy54 Member

    Now Cannabean wants cash and thats it....Hell No!

    RandyR Active Member

    singleseedcenter.com works good prices and gurantee your shipment with extra cost buddy had his in one week

    hotnhigh Member

    I ordered 3 times now from www.DemonSeeds.com they offer pick n mix seeds
    each time my beanz arrived with no problems although delivery times varied from 9 days to 14 days. Great fresh seeds & some really nice chick on their support who could'nt help me enough!

    i always get paranoid ordering online but so far really happy buying from these guys!

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Dont worry.Orders from attitude usually make it in the u.s.I havent had no problems with them yet.I dont think police would come to your door unless your trafficking out your front dooor.

    Nullis Moderator

    I can vouch for the Single Seed Centre (Worldwide-Marijuana-Seeds) and Attitude, both are wonderful. SSC/Worldwide typically has lower prices on single seeds and is better for ordering just a few seeds or a mix. Attitude usually has better prices on full packs from most of the better known seed companies. Attitude also has superior shipping options.

    I would not worry about getting in trouble ordering seeds, even if they are seized (which isn't likely). AFAIK most mail goes through US Customs in NY (although it is possible there are other checkpoints), so if it does get seized that is where it is most likely going to happen. The point is that for things like seeds, most pharmaceuticals and other minor sorts of 'contraband' (unless we're talking vast quantities) they will simply remove it and instead you'll get a "love letter" stating that such and such is not permitted for import and has been seized. Customs doesn't communicate with any district attorneys office, probably not even in NY and certainly not in Texas for little stuff.

    iluvweed2 Member

    I Ordered off a Irish site called weed seeds arrived no problems took about 6 days secure packaging / will use again

    Eksellent Active Member

    I believe it's a gray area, but you would not get arrested. Anyone can send a brick of coke to your house.
    Guitar guy

    Guitar guy Active Member

    I used nirvana. Got my seeds safe

    xGrimace Well-Known Member

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