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Cannabis leaves curled up and wrinkled

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Bishjid, Nov 17, 2011.


    Bishjid Member

    Hey everyone I'm new to this site but a long time grower.12 years to be exact.I wanted to give my personal experience about certain problems with high humidity/high heat stress.A good rule of thumb is one,never let your soil completely dry out.Two is have a good ventilation system.When I first started out I made that mistake.And always water soil thoroughly meaning all the way through so that water drips from drainage slightly.Do this every time you water.I use FF Big Bloom and used incorrectly could burn a plant(I learned the hard way).Soil being completely dry causes the little bit of nutrients that is in the soil to block roots from using itself if that makes any sense.In other cases it consumes only nutrients at it's most potent(hot dry soil) thus burning your plant.My leaves were starting to wrinkle and curl upward and I about freaked.I knew it wasn't a heat issue because room temps and humidity were perfect.That and I strictly veg with t5's at the moment which give off very little heat.The problem?Dry ass hot soil.Leaves that cup up and wrinkle but still don't look under watered happens because the plant is trying to conserve what little bit of moisture it has left from the soil and leaves.The solution?A simple flush.Use FF Big bloom at half than they recommend.My personal opinion.But don't use it until the soil starts to dry from the initial flush.My plants recovered fully,affected leaves and all,within 48 hours.Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone comes across this. :joint:

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