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Cannabis in Costa Rica?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by ShadowHawk, May 20, 2008.


    ShadowHawk Active Member

    I'm going to Costa Rica in a few monthes and will be there for about 12 weeks and I was wondering how available is weed in Costa Rica. What type is available and how much does it usually cost? Any tips would be greatly appriciated! Peace and Happy Token

    human8 Well-Known Member

    I would say VERY available. Its like in the usa, it varies and it all depends on who you know or meet. Love Costa Rica...PURA VIDA.

    thegigglepimp Well-Known Member

    check webehigh.com :)

    ShadowHawk Active Member

    Thanks Man, Pura Vida!

    arabmobster Well-Known Member

    ive been there once jsut depends on the location ur going to walk of the resort and ull probably have like 50 guys approach u to c if u wanna buy weed
    u can get a grocery bag for like 150 dollars

    ShadowHawk Active Member

    I'm not going on vacation, Im going on a volunteer trip for like 2 or 3 monthes so ill be staying in a cabin or host family.

    CostaRicaSensi Active Member

    if you are looking for schwag it can be found pretty much anywhere. you will be approached in beach towns by vendors. in San Jose or the central valley then you should head to a place where a lot of kids hang out, like san pedro. its a good idea if you keep 20 bucks in your pocket whenever you are holding, since it is illegal. however a 20 will bribe your way out of a lotta shit.

    they have a good mids type herb they call Jamaican. it's harder to find and runs about 100-120 an ounce versus the schwag price of 20 bucks an ounce. the schwag is really really bad though.

    as for nugs....you gotta know somebody.... :mrgreen: and prices are similar to the usa.

    all depends on what your lookin for.

    let me know if you have any other questions.

    ShadowHawk Active Member

    Well, What exactly is your definition of nugs. Mine is just bud that hasnt been broken down or ground up.

    LaJollaHigh Active Member

    Ola - I'm planning to arrive in early Dec/ going to Playa Zancudo for a few months. As a single female / should I be okay buying ftrom locals??
    Where are you at??

    ShadowHawk Active Member

    ill be there as well teaching english. maybe ill see ya down there and we can see if we cant find some good kind bud. I would like to know someone down there before i go. pura vida!

    sb101 Well-Known Member

    PURA VIDA! i took time off school and spent over half a year there. loved it. most everything you'll get is schwag. i got in with some guys and got an alright hook but never really saw anything decent except once or twice. but you can chill on the beach and smoke it anywhere, haha that is the life!

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