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Cannabis Capsules

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by jebus2029, Sep 30, 2010.


    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    This is a complete walk through on how to make cannabis capsules.

    Here is a list of everything you will need:

    small cup
    eye dropper
    ez cap filling machine
    "00" capsules
    butter knives or tiny spatulas
    1/2 tsp or 1tsp measuring spoon
    raw organic coconut oil
    coffee grinder
    3g of clean bud
    capsules 004.jpg capsules 001.jpg capsules 005.jpg capsules 019.jpg capsules 013.jpg capsules 012.jpg

    If you keep your coconut oil in the fridge take it out a day or two before hand to let it soften up.

    You can use any ratio of bud to oil that you like. For this tutorial I am using a 1:1 ratio.

    You can use any quality bud for this. The better the quality the better the capsule. For this tutorial I used low grade bud that cost me $50 for a half ounce. So that is $12.50 for an eighth. This will make 20 capsules at $0.62 per capsule for the cost of the bud alone. After all expenses lets just round it up to an even dollar which is probably on the high end.

    Dosage depends on the person taking it. For me 2 of this quality is perfect, but if I used good quality bud a single capsule would be enough. Take when hungry with a very light meal. Works really well if you abstain from smoking for a day before hand. I get a great body buzz, especially around the eyes, and it will last about 2-3 hours. If I smoke while on these I will be ripped for a solid 2 hours with a slow come down. I quickly build up a tolerance to these so I try to spread out the days when I eat them.

    Step 1:
    Put 3 1/4tsp of coconut oil into the small cup (That extra 1/4 results in exactly 20 capsules for me when I add it). I use a ceramic cup, and place it into the crocpot. I have had good results with the low and high setting on my crocpot but I usually stick to low to be safe.
    capsules 003.jpg

    Step 2:
    Make sure your cannabis is completely dry and remove all stem, seed, and large leaf matter. I ended up with 3g of clean bud. If your cannabis is still fresh simply leave it out to get dry. Don't worry about the cure. The long cooking process will activate the THC.
    capsules 001.jpg

    Grind it to a fine powder in the coffee grinder. If it is still moist it will stick to the grinder.
    capsules 005.jpg

    Step 3:
    After the coconut has melted add the cannabis powder to it. Mix it in if you want but it is not neccessary. It will soon start to bubble and after about 2 hours there should be a foamy layer on top of the mixture (if it is not bubbling turn the crocpot to high).
    capsules 007.jpg

    Go ahead and stir it up and then let it sit for 6 hours. I usually time this to match my bedtime, but make sure you have a working smoke alarm in your kitchen just to be safe. Your whole house will start to smell of coconut oil and cannabis and will continue to smell like it until you take it off the heat.

    Step 4:
    Load the ez cap filling machine with about 25 capsules spread apart from each other. If you are doing a large quantity, are impatient, are using a higher bud to oil ratio or don't have steady hands use the props to raise the machine part and make it level with the capsules and put them all together in a square.
    capsules 012.jpg

    Step 5:
    After 6 hours turn off the croc pot. I prefer to let it cool over a long period, about 3 hours, in the crocpot. I noticed that the plant matter tends to settle at the bottom if I do. Then I can just pour the oil right off it into another cup. If you don't want to wait take it out and pour it through the strainer into the cup. If you are using the props keep everything together.

    Step 6:
    If you are using the props on the filler simply stir the mixture and dump everything onto the filling machine right over the capsules. Then use a credit card to push it into the capsules. This method is very messy and the capsules always end up with residue on the outside.

    If are not using the props then place about 15 drops of oil in about 18 capsules. You don't want to do all 20 at the start in case you run short on oil.
    capsules 020.jpg

    Now using the butter knives or tiny spatulas scoop up the plant matter and put it into the capsules.
    capsules 015.jpg

    This is slow and requires concentration so some people may opt out of it. Top off the capsules with oil so that the oil is just at or below the capsule lip.
    capsules 016.jpg

    If it is too high it will squeeze out when you close the capsules. You may end up with capsules that are all oil or all plant matter. I usually just eat these first.

    Step 7:
    Close the capsules and you're done. You should have 20 capsules + or - 2.
    capsules 018.jpg

    I store them in the fridge and they are usually good for up to a month. If there is oil on the outside of the capsules they will stick together. I don't like storing them in the freezer. They seem to give me a headache when I do. If you don't want to put them in the fridge just store them in a dark place. They will probably stay good for a couple of weeks.

    Don't forget to lick the cups and utensils :)

    So there you have it. 20 capsules with 0.15g of cannabis in every one and for less than a dollar each.
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    akgrown Well-Known Member

    This was a great tutorial, I enjoy seeing potent capsules available. The dispensaries make a shit ton off these things. Like 90 for 9 of em or something.

    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    No need to spend that much. Even using expensive cannabis it comes out pretty cheap. If you used an eighth that cost $50 it would only be $2.50 per capsule for the cannabis, and that would probably have you high for a good 2-3 hours.

    pocw94 Well-Known Member

    where can i buy those capsules tooo?

    schwa Active Member

    throw that schwag away thats the brownest weed i have ever seen.

    N!pples Active Member

    Nutrition, vitamin or Health food stores will carry those 00 Capsules..

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    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    sweet dude thanks for the how too.. i been wantingto make some capsules for many moons but just didnt know how...

    i am going to read this thread 20 times b4 havest and then i am going to attemp it..

    thanks again +1 rep
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    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    Haha, yeah that was some nasty shwag I had. That's why I made it into capsules. It does the job though. I do recommend using high quality bud however. It's much more effective.

    If you have any questions about how to do it Reggaerican just post them and I'll get back to you pretty quick. Good luck on your first attempt!

    You can also buy the capsules on amazon. I think after shipping it was around $8 for 250 "00" capsules or do a google search and you will find a lot of online retailers you can buy them from.
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    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    i have some outdoor cat piss and refinery that i cut 2 weeks early due to rain threats.. so i think im gonna make some tinctures, capsuls and eddibles..
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    weedgrow Well-Known Member

    Do you have to use coconut oil?
    Can you use another kind of oil?
    I found some coconut oil but it was like 30$
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    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    sorry i dont know weedgrow, but in theory i guess you could

    poopmaster Well-Known Member

    This didn't work out to well for me. I did the directions from another post and mixed with coconut butter. It was very messy injecting into the capsules and I didn't take all the stems out so it was super fucking time consuming. And taking a few of them didn't really do a whole lot but make you feel sick cause they were so nasty. I don't recommend. Maybe if I can buy them after Prop 19 passes, I'd consider.

    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    If you cut corners while making capsules the results can be horrible. Just take your time and don't be lazy and they'll turn out fine.

    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    i will be making with pure buds my first time so it better work for me

    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    Other oils can work but coconut oil is the best for absorbing the THC since it is 99% saturated fat, but I guess it wouldn't really matter since you are consuming all the plant matter also. I like it because it solidifies at a little below room temp also. So if you don't have an eye dropper you can put it in the fridge for 20 minutes and cut it into strips to put into the caps. Check health food stores, vitamin stores, and online for extra virgin coconut oil or organic raw coconut oil. I think a quart was about $10, and it has been worth it.

    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    Just let it simmer in the crockpot and take your time and everything will be fine.

    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    so how much bud should i use if i want every capsule to be equivilent to smoking 1g of high grade?

    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    also the step of adding plant matter, if i just made super potant oil will it hurt to skip? what purpose does that have to put in?
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    jebus2029 Well-Known Member

    If you want them to be super potent and don't want to use the plant matter just squeeze the oil out of it. Most of the THC will be in the oil. It will be a slightly different high also. I wouldn't bother making them a gram each. You can make them much weaker and still have them be extremely potent. With capsules you can use less to get a stronger effect.
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    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    so that i understood you correctly you said 2 grams each right.. haha got it
    cool thanks for the info i will be making some just as soon as my cat piss dries..
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