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Cannabis breeders collaboration club

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Countrybuddin, Feb 4, 2018.


    Countrybuddin Member

    So i thought it would be cool to start a post for people who are breeders or pollen chuckers. I figured maybe we can do group breeding projects and even share genetics. I have a very stable old school skunk i think would make a great contribution to anyones genetics arsenal. i found one of the stinkiest males last year and his progeny have all tested outstanding. purp male.jpg dacstud.jpg dacfi.png purp male.jpg dacstud.jpg dacfi.png WIN_20170817_16_54_15_Pro.jpg WIN_20180128_06_06_38_Pro.jpg very frosty for a male. still have pollen from him and a copy of him. purp male.jpg dacstud.jpg dacfi.png WIN_20170817_16_54_15_Pro.jpg WIN_20180128_06_06_38_Pro.jpg
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    Countrybuddin Member

    Here are some female phenos of the skunk 21267534_1983089465292639_1271904960_o.jpg 21267642_1983089511959301_46379061_o.jpg 21277810_1983089495292636_254721064_o.jpg dacfem1.jpg dcmale bef.jpg dcfem2.jpg as you can see this line is very stable with all phenos expressed being very similiar. it also still has great variation so some plants lean more indica some more sativa and even in between phenos.
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    Countrybuddin Member

    well if anyone is interested lets breed some cannabis
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    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    You might check this thread out my friend.


    Might be careful about trying to network out in the open because if I'm not mistaken it goes against the user agreement.

    deep_rob Member

    I like yur idea. that is how the world used to be 15-20yrs ago.. back when everyone was on the same page, and the point was simply to overgrow the planet. people freely traded pollen, cuts and beans, all over the world. I got some amazing stuff and met some amazing people through trading.. But, nowadays, i think that sort of thing is frowned upon. I dont advocate breaking rules, but i hear ya man. When u got something good, u want to share it.. Its just differnt times, nowadays. (and, BTW, i dont fully understand the rules regarding posting of genes either).. maybe someone will see this and PM you.. best of luck!

    Countrybuddin Member

    In my experience, throughout the years the best genetics i have come across have mostly been gifted or trades. When you share something super special with someone you get what you receive. Sometimes all it takes is a little generosity and interest and someone decides to turn you on to fire once they see your passion and genuine intentions. I did not mean to break any rules and was not suggesting trading genetics at all. Simply lets start a little project with a simple end goal like a close replication of Roadkill Skunk. EVeryone can pursue this goal using their own genetics and maybe push someone to create something super special. Or preserve something special for future generations. How about blueberry yum yum? How about we search for narrow leaf indicas?

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