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CannaBacon- Charcuterie with Hash

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by mlano1, Mar 13, 2013.


    mlano1 Active Member

    I recently moved from SF Bay area to Mexico city, for personal reasons unrelated to pot.

    Long time smoker, grower, and user, growing as long as I've been smoking, 4+ years. I'm eighteen now.

    My parents were down with the dank for my whole life so I had a big grow op in the USA, and I learned to process everything, I know BHO, cold water, alcohol extraction well.

    Here, In Mexico City, my friends get me really nice, super-sativa buds for $11 usd per ounce. It is seeded, but still, its so cheap, I love it. They have better hydro stuff, for more expensive, like near usa prices. I've grown and smoked the best weed, and I prefer this, because its so cheap! and SOOOO sativa.

    I like making hash with it, because for the price of like a cheap gram in the usa, I can get a ounce here, and make 5-10 grams of kief + hash.


    I've always wanted to make cannabis infused meats. My father is a chef with 30+ years experience, and likes to cure meats. I wanted to make cannabacon, I was thinking make some hash, I prefer alcohol, because its the easiest, and take an ounce of hash, mix it with the curing salts and spices.

    Now that I'm in mexico, everything is so cheap, suddenly I can afford to make this idea real, I love having dank in a foreign country, I'm like a subversive influence, im a narcotrafficante lol. So I'm thinking buy like 4-5 ounces, make straight hash with it, and take whatever I get, which should be around an ounce, and use it to make bacon, or maybe tasso, it has to be a meat where the stuff is rubbed on the outside and let sit, with ham, it soaks in a brine solution, so all the hash would get wasted in the water.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before, or heard of anything like this before?

    mlano1 Active Member

    One part about bacon, or something that you slice, and then sautee, is that it activates the THC. All of us who've made lots of edibles know that you MUST heat your pot in some manner to eat it, otherwise you are wasting your stuff.

    This solves multiple problems. You want to fry your bacon, or tasso, so that it gets caramelized and tastes good, but then, it makes it so you can get high, too!

    I was thinking cannabacon and eggs for breakfast! Now only if someone finds out how to get it in the chicken...

    mlano1 Active Member

    As for Mexico, its legal to posess 5 grams of weed, and smaller amounts of other drugs, but none of that really matters.

    You bribe the police here. 2-4000 pesos is like a month's salary for the officers (or a month's rent for me, its 13 pesos per dollar) Yes, growing is illegal, and so is other stuff, but you can just bribe the police, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, here.

    I think E is probably better here, I heard molly goes for the equivalent of $35 dollars a gram, but Lsd is not as good, I think, I come from the SF area though, and there a lot of old hippies who still make the shit there.

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