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Canna Salve Questions

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by D'sNuts, Nov 25, 2017.


    D'sNuts Well-Known Member

    When measuring the cannabis to infuse with the oil, is it ground/finely chopped or buds /trim loosely measured ?

    Do you decarb your salve canna ?

    Does it work?

    Thanks, D

    freemanjack Well-Known Member

    I go by weight/ratios, the maximum amount of dried weed of any type that can be added to an oil extraction is aprox 1/5th by weight, in practice this means 500g of say coco butter will be entirely soaked up by 100g of weed, if you need a stronger extract you can take your recovered oil and repeat the operation. I have got this to a 6/10 ratio or 0.6g per 1g of coco butter. As to decarbing, for topical application (rubbed in the skin) it depends of the ailment, if its an inflammatory complaint with no pain then I don't decarb as THA is a powerful anti-inflammatory, if its for cancers, arthritis with pain or MS like symptoms then definitely full decarb. And 'does it work?' answer; fuck yeah 'almost miraculous' 'nearly instant relief' 'lovely stuff, have you got any more?' etc etc etc. As to which material, I use sugar trim, even the waste from dry sift extraction is perfect, the fibre part of weed weight near to nothing so the weight can be considered to be mainly resin content (ie 100g of trim is bulkier than 100g of bud is bulkier than 100g of hash) so roughly speaking weight = resins.

    D'sNuts Well-Known Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    freemanjack Well-Known Member

    **For single strength I heat 100g of waste sugar trim schwag (already used to dry sift hash from) in 500g of coconut oil/butter (this will actually soak up most of the oil so is the absolute maximum for this size batch) with a few drops of water to indicate temperature. Heating slowly for around 20-30 mins simmering just below 100 c as indicated by the drops of water bubbling noisily if too hot. Then I add around a litre (2 pints) of boiling water then simmer for 2-20 hours depending on material quality, then strain thru a tea cloth or cheese cloth in a large funnel (I have a professional oil press for this but a cloth works 90% as well) carefully wringing out as much of the bound up liquid as possible because the weed holds onto the coco oils and gives up the water readily so pay particular care to wringing out the last drops from your batch. The end result will be a jug half filled with nasty smelling brown water and dark green oil floating on top, simply place the jug in the fridge for an hour or so and the coco butter will set to a wax and can easily be separated from the water which can then be discarded. There will be a little pastey emulsion on the underside, this is best scraped off (and eaten! :) ) as it will make the pure oil harder to store long term.
    This 'first wash' can be used as is, simply rubbed in topically directly to the inflamed bones for immediate (if short lived) relief of pain and long term reduction in swelling and pain and 250mg under the tong at night to aid sleep and act directly through the blood to further reduce inflammation. For chronic arthritis I will run the same 1 x strength back through successive additional batches of schwag to increase its potency (I prefer a 3 x) and lower the overall amount of fat needing to be rubbed in to provide needed dose as the 1 x can get messy if you need to keep applying it. The results are literally miraculous and more or less instantaneous and of course topical application ( rubbed into the skin) has no psychoactive effect and cannot interfere with any other medication however a word of caution for elderly patients who use Warferine or other blood thinners should NOT injest it orally, Warferine like drugs are the only major contraindication for drug interactions.**
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