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Canna coco feed schedule

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Bobmarley89, Mar 16, 2013.


    Bobmarley89 Member

    Need some advice my fellow pot heads if uz aren't to high :bigjoint: this is my first grow and a bit unsure on a few things to do with feeding. I'm going to be using all canna nutrients and following this schedule, here is the link http://www.growell.co.uk/catalog/product/download/product/3689/attachment/161/.

    I am going to be growing 36 plants in 11L pots, in a secret jardin DR300 under 4x600w hps lights lumatek dimmable super lumen ballast (growing critical kush by the way), I am going to grow a few mother plants then take cuttings from them.

    few questions I've got for yaz:

    1. First of all how much feed would a plant in an 11L pot need(when nutrient and water have been mixed) e.g 3 litres each pot or 4 or 5? Ya get me?

    2. How often do I feed nutrient mix and how often plain water? I heard 3 feeds a week, 1st 2 feeds nutrient mix, then last feed for the week in just plain water, is this right?

    3. Is there a correct way to mix your nutients up? E.g coco a 1st, coco b 2nd, etc.

    4. What's your experience using canna coco nutes?

    5. I should start off on half the recommended amout right? But when do I put it up to full strength?

    smoked a lot of weed but never grew before just gettin started

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    1: 3 OR 4L or feed should do it(i use 2l in a 6l airpot
    2: You feed every watering as coco is an inert substrate(just plain water will wash away benificial micro life)
    3: No right way to mix, i do start witht he a&b and then work across
    4: Canna nutes are very good
    5: Start off at 1/4 strength as soon as the pop there heads above ground and then slowly build up the amount of nutes you use

    Bobmarley89 Member

    Nice 1 guys, i'll check them links out now fijong, uz don't happen to have any experience with critical kush do yaz?

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Nope.. sorry, Critical Mass x Kush isn't something I'd really enjoy given that it has the kush taste with a hint of spices thrown on top.

    Bobmarley89 Member

    I like the kush taste haven't smoked it for a good while tho, only really goin with this strain for yield and the kush taste aswel

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a plan, you may also want to scope out Sannie's Jack F7... this is why:


    with the taste of a spicy/lemon haze :D

    Bobmarley89 Member

    Woah that's a nice ass bud, is that what your smokin at the min, whats the yield on that baby? am on uk cheese at the min waiting for a super silver have to come later lookin forward to it

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Per their stats, it averages 750g/m2.. so that's not bad at all and it's designed to be an indoor seed. That said, traits were specifically selected and tis a beast. Sannie went all out to hammer down / solidify the awesome traits in the line.. hence the F7 - years of work to get it to that point. Have seen tons of success, tis a nice bit of bud and from the many many reports on it - it's also perfect for SCRoG. :D

    bucsnut79 Member

    Bob, if this is Barney's Farm's Critical Kush you are talking about, I just harvested my first run of it 3 weeks ago. I let it go 60 days, and the stuff is absolutely amazing! You will not be disappointed!

    Bobmarley89 Member

    Bucsnut79 - what's the taste like is it pure kush tasting, what did ya yield?

    Illtilldaend Member

    I feed on an as needed basis. I soak the coco not to the point of drainage( since I see that as money down the drain, litteraly) but till you can see that the coco at the drain holes has taken on water. This works out to feeding every 3-7 days depending on the weather( I cool passively no A/C). And no never give straight water. I start out with 50% nutes and advance as quickly as I can about 1-2 ml per feeding till I get to the desired range...

    DanTheReggaeFan New Member

    Hey Bob, I'm pretty much gonna be doing the same as you and I'm following the same feeding schedule. I was wondering though, because Rhizotonic and Vega Start are specifically for seedlings does anyone know if they still need to start at half strength and build up or have Canna taken this into account when stating the dosage?

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Old thread but ill answer this for you on my personal experience.

    With CANNA I use
    4ml per litre Rhizotonic for seed starting and the first week after they pop. Along with A and B nutes made up to EC 0.6.

    Then 2ml per litre Rhizotonic after that.

    During flowering knock the Rhizotonic down to 0.5ml per litre.

    Make sure to keep pH 5.8 of your feed solution and feed with every watering.


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