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Canna butter initiate - Question about using leaves

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by mawmawangela, Jan 11, 2012.


    mawmawangela Member

    I have a little less than half an ounce of budlets from a harvest, and I have about an ounce and a half of leaves. I also have one pound of butter. Should I throw out the leaves and just make a half pound of butter, or throw it all in for the whole pound. It's mid-grade cannabis, better than Mexi, but it's no Northern Lights either.

    Thanks for the help and as a newbie here, let me say hello!
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    bostoner Active Member

    more plant cant hurt. More plant in less butter even better. Just add water to the pot with butter so you lose less butter and can fully submerge your special ingredient. Let it cool over night and dump the excess water. So I say throw in all you got and use a half pound. You know you should strain the plant material after heating right? I use a crappy crock pot on high for 1 hour and low for 1. Make sure you keep it covered while heating as much as possible. A tip from me to you is screw brownies. everyone make brownies. My best tasting space creations were cinnamon roll oatmeal cookies from a Quaker oats recipe. But they were a little thick and you had to eat like 3 because there are so many other ingredients. The best for getting basted were my simple butter cookies. Not a lot of extra ingredients and one or two cookies got you just right. Good luck... and welcome.

    mawmawangela Member

    I made some butter a couple of weeks ago and make cookies first, then brownies later. I'm with you, cookies are much better. The brownies were from scratch, and delicious, but the 13x9 pan called for diluted the ingredients and you had to eat three. At that point, I realized I would gain 10 pounds finishing off those brownies, and they gave my sweet hubby indigestion like crazy. Definitely sticking with cookies from now on. Someone recommended this recipe:

    farmersmurf Active Member

    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    I have a half pound of bud and some sugar leaves in 2 pounds of butter brewing now, for 4hrs.
    Gonna let it go 12hrs.
    SR71PK/Appalachia F1(Bodhi) x Gorilla Grape F1(Outlaw Genetics)
    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    Just finished a 2nd batch : 1/2lb bud to 1lb butter
    Now my bud isn't all dried, so it's more like 1/4lb bud to 1 and 2 pounds of butter.
    The first batch had to go inside a 5 cup / 1.2 liter rubbermaid storage container.

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