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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GrowGorilla, Oct 14, 2017.


    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info brother. So add the sunflower lecithin to the coconut oil? How much per cup?

    Moflow Well-Known Member


    EXObell Member

    From what I've gathered, it should be half to 1 table spoon of LIQUID sunflower lecithin per cup of oil.

    An important step is to let your cannabis infused oil sit in the refrigerator (after the extraction process and strained) for at least 24H. Then bring it back to room temperature, in a hot water bath if needed, and check by stirring if everything has homogeneously blended together. If not, stir well and refrigerate for another 24H. Again, bring it back to room temperature and check for homogeneity, and when you reach that consistency, you’re ready to fill the caps.

    Hope this helps, but don’t take my words for it, make your own research on the subject. Easy to find on the internet.

    I sincerely hope that you’ll achieve to get your mother relieved from her sufferings.

    Best of luck to you.
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    rocho Active Member

    Hi Phenomenal, yes, you are right, the sativa dominant strain should e more a 20:1 strain but from the same seedbank you can find the "nightimele" where that's inverted, according with the seedbank description.

    Nightingale (NN-1), named after Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing, is a poly hybrid indica bred from the legendary Shiskaberry and CD-1.

    During testing, its CBD levels have ranged from 20.3% to 10.3%. The THC level varied the most out of all of the strains sold by Medical Marijuana Genetics, meaning this strain varied from between a 1:1 strain to a 20:1 strain. If you need fairly precise THC levels and do not have access to testing then beware of this strain. If you are looking for a high CBD, low THC strain and have access to a laboratory then this is one to test.

    It is worth noting that from our research – and unlike its Candida parent - it appears that the indica phenotype that this plant produces is the 20:1 pheno, with the more sativa pheno producing a 1:1 strain.

    Great work Grow Gorilla, really usefull and informative topic!
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    I'm blown away by this!!! :) (I'm not saying it's false though, hell i have no idea either way)
    But it seems it's always been the SATIVA-doms that have been higher CBD (which i guess makes sense seeing as all hemp strains are sativa not indica!)
    So I'm surprised about indica's place in the CBD bringback :)

    But, crossings and generations... interesting times!

    My first Dinamed was a very-indica pheno which turned out to be 1:1, but now ive got a very-sativa pheno (the strain is described as being sativa-dom), so hopefully i'll get a ~20:1 with this :) fingers crossed ... TLC will show :)
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    rocho Active Member

    I agree with you, it's unusual.

    I ve just looked at the MMG site and it seems that they removed this description (and they even removed the reference to the lack of stability ... will they really have managed to make it more stable or just remove it?!).

    I had read your diary about dinamed before arriving at this, very interesting(and that confirmed the bad trust I personally have about dinafem), as well as the only independent -(and official) test that I found on this variety across the web worldwide.

    I hope you will be more lucky and that you 'll share your results again...

    I also hope that Cbd Crew will soon release the new (improved in stability) version of the therapy ..,

    even about candida I had read some problems of stability but it seems that (even looking at that diary) it is the low-thc variety more stable among those available today in Europe.

    Do you ever seen any informations about the 20:1 THGG - Highlo?
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    Please don't write off Dinamed based on my one test ...
    1) that is not a sample size that can be statistically relied on!
    2) And while it is advertised as a sativa-dom strain, the one that I grew ended up very-indica.
    3) while i got 1:1, not 20:1, it was still medicinally very good

    I can only grow two plants at any one time, so unfortunately I can't test as quickly as I would like to.

    Yes it was still 1:1 THC:CBD ... not the advertised 20:1, but I think still getting the 1:1 was a very good silver medal, and my bro going through chemotherapy said it was really good. (It might even be more medicinally useful than the 20:1, i don't know but i'd say it probably is - there are many papers showing their synergy boosts each others effectiveness; it just has that catch that you're gonna get 'stoned' a bit)

    The good news is that my 2nd grow of Dinamed is very-sativa, so hopefully this is high-CBD/low-THC. I took samples at a couple different times throughout the grow, including during veg, so it will be interesting to see what the Thin Layer Chromatography reveals, but that will be post-harvest; i'm only 3 weeks into flower.

    Yes. Rec smokers don't need stability, but med patients do, so yes I hope ALL breeders working towards CBD strains test, test, and test some more. I appreciate CBD Crew's relative transparency regarding the stability of CBD Therapy, and fingers crossed they nail it soon.

    My CBD Therapy plant is really weird btw... this particular pheno is not very easy to grow, grows a bit 'mongrel' (not mutant, just a bit weird), somewhat slow grower and it's gonna be a low yielder, and while it started out with super-fat indica leaves it's ended up being almost sativa-like. Im getting an SD Card tomorrow so hopefully i can take some pics.

    I will grow 1 Candida after this harvest, fingers crossed!

    the what? i havent heard of that strain yet (and which breeder is THGG?)
    I havent been searching for any CBD strains though since about 1yr ago so im not really knowledgable of any new developments in that time.
    btw for some reason when u google "THGG - Highlo" there's a lot of links to UFC fighter Rose 'Thug' Namajunas lol
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    rocho Active Member

    Sorry...i meant that one.
    It would be a seedbank from Canada.
    But i never heard about that.

    About dinamed as another seedbank(like cbd crew before change the Therapy description) they claim bullshit(and yes also candida has inica phenos but still very low in THC).

    Dinafem never share labtest of their strains and never anwer about it.

    Like many other shitty seedbank.

    MMG as reggaecrew (maybe cbd crew/resinseeds? Not sure, really interest about bsiness instead of patient, trust me..)are some few serious "medical" seedbank on the market.

    This feminized, CBD-rich and Sativa-dominant strain presents high CBD levels, sometimes getting up to 14%, and low THC levels, never exceeding 0.5%, which guarantee there's almost no psychoactive effect.

    About therapy yours is not the first weird leaves one.
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    EXObell Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve never grown it and hence don’t know what it’s worth, but I stumbled across a strain dubbed Solodiol Clasica by the breeder Elite seeds, who claims more or less the same CBD to THC ratio Candida has, without making any test result available. My very limited experience has taught me that even when breeders do publish test results, these are not always reliable...



    While I am here, does anyone know of an effective and reliable device to conduct cannabinoids tests at home ?
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    Yes it's a bit of a headscratch to me as to why breeders make CBD claims without any test/analysis results - actually, CBD Crew is the only one i know of that has

    There are two methods, Beam's Test and Thin Layer Chromatography, see link in my signature
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    EXObell Member


    Thanks for the links. However, I was thinking to a more technological device, providing both qualitative and quantitative readings. I’ve heard or read about different companies attempting to develop such devices, which, if I am not mistaken, are essentially miniaturized spectrometers. T-check and Scio for instance are the first that spring to mind, but the former still needs to be refined to give really accurate readings, and the latter –not sure if it’s even compatible with cannabis analyses- compares samples to a data base before providing a result...

    I believe sometime soon, such an accurate and reliable device will hit the market, if it does not already have.

    So, if someone has heard or knows about such a thing, I’d be more than glad to hear from it.

    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    to my knowledge there aren't any such devices.

    Think about how tricky Thin Layer Chromatography is .... now try to build that into an automated system.

    I know of some "sniffometers", but they were quickly shown to be useless, and in some cases i would say fraudulent, because they "upload your sample then give you an approximation based on other completely-unrelated uploads". (FAIL)

    There has even been some "cannabinoid detection meters" which made it to IPO investor payouts, but again they just got proven for being a scam. My googling for it now suggests the company has since disappeared.

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