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Canadian seed banks that send to usa

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ramstein, Aug 28, 2011.


    ramstein Member

    was wanting to order from vancouver seed bank because of their many strains that finish early for cheap that are not available at attitude..or others. was curious to know what you guys experience has been

    cranker Legal Moderator, Esq.

    99% of the time "cheap" = 25% germ rate

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    a gross exageration.
    I live in Canada so I have no feedback as to how succesful the VSB is at getting seeds to the the US. They just started shipping there only recently, BUT they do have some excellent seeds at resonable prices notably Cash Crop Ken, Jordan of the Islands, and Wild Rose Seeds.
    Hemp Depot has been at it a lot longer, cheaper shipping and has some good budget seeds Joey Weed, Beanho and Cannacopia.
    Also worth a look: http://www.highgrade-seeds.com/ & http://bcseedking.com/

    ramstein Member

    so hemp depot sends to states? bc seed king as well? im definately gonna stay away from bc bud depot from all the "no show" stories ive heard on their seeds.

    scottyhenry Active Member

    hemp depot is a no show operation for the US. they just got me for $400.00 over a month ago. stay away. go to single seed centreyoul have them in less than 10 days

    Lady Active Member


    I would suggest you hemp depot. Ordered from them multiple times and never had problem.

    @Scotthenry Do you have proof of what you bought? You might get this solved.
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    Peak Seeds BC , they offer free worldwide shipping and ther gear is top shelf. He carries Kush , Blueberry, NL, Skunk and some Texada crosses, all are good, i have em all

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