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Canada in Danger - We Need Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by pluger25, Feb 2, 2013.


    pluger25 Member

    Good Morning

    I already wrote to High Times, Cannabis Culture, all French Montreal newspaper, Liberal Party and NPD 3 weeks ago. They only person who contacted me on the subject was the NPD and they explained to me that nobody normally answer because its a very sensitive subject.

    I'm writing this message because i hope you will be able to help the Canadians. On December 16 the Stephen Harper government officially announced the changes they will put in place for the new Marijuana program in Canada and they will be removing the right of patients to grow in order to fill the treasury board with taxes.

    Currently in Canada you need to be a severely ill patient in order to get Marijuana and only a Specialist can authorize you and he needs to show to the government that the other treatments have failed.Once the form is completed, its sent to Health Canada for approval. I have been severely sick for the last couple of years, my gastroenterologist tried all the types of medications on the market and we found one that was working not too bad, but she was concerned about the fact that this medication can cause severe and irreversible side effects. Since then, she introduced Marijuana i am taking about only 1 pill per month instead of 28 per Week and i'm better then ever. By this experience, i understand the incredible power of this plant and the benefits for the really sick people.

    Starting March 2014, patients will not be allowed to grow their own marijuana in their house, they will have to buy it from a producer. In Quebec, the street price of an ounce of Marijuana is around 150$ for high quality (like purple kush, LA Confidential or Lemon Kush), during the high season in fall, you can find an ounce at around 40$. Growing in your basement is around 70 cents per gram. Right now you can buy marijuana from Health Canada at 5$ per gram. I know in the USA you have dispensaries and stuff but the price of the marijuana is about 350$ per ounce and patients are aloud to grow them in their house. Its not the same than what Harper wants to implement, US citizens have the right and freedom to choose if they want to pay or not the big price for their medication.

    There is currently 20 000 patients under the marijuana program in Canada and because you need to be severely sick, these people are the most sick, helpless and because of that, most of the time not very rich. By not controlling the price and by refusing the patients to grow their own marijuana the government is attacking these people. Government should be there to help the sick and poor people and not to make money out of them. With the proposed changes, i am pretty sure the price of a "legal" ounce of marijuana for patient will be close from what they pay in the USA and most of the patients will not be able to afford their medicine because they will have their right to grow removed and its not covered by any private insurance. Also, They want any doctor to be aloud to prescribe marijuana and they will no longer provide any official document who proves that you are a patient, you will have to show your prescription bag and an ID. By doing this, the government will increase the number of patients and make money from the most severely ill people of this country, this is totally unacceptable. You will see on the website that they used false arguments like "1 house out of 24 burn due to marijuana" - That is legal and illegal growing, i'm pretty sure there is not so much fire from Real patients. They could just ask that you to prove that your installation is certified by an electrician if they are really concern about fire. There is thousand of people is Canada that grow fruits and vegetables in their basement and growing marijuana is not different.

    They say its going to help to control the drug market, but that is bullshit too. If a patient is not taking is whole prescription he can still resell it or give it to a friend, we see that more and more with opiate prescription drugs that end on the street and its so much more dangerous than marijuana.

    The only real thing the government is looking at is making money by,removing the right and freedom of patient to grow their medicine, firing the government employees responsible of this program, increasing the number of patients and making millions in taxes from patients and growers.

    I placed the link at the end of my message of the official announcement and the other link where patients and people can go and complain until February 28 2013.

    I hope you will be able to help us and that the government will listen to it and continue to aloud patients to grow their own marijuana.

    Comments will be accepted in writing, by email, fax or mail.
    By Mail:
    Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulatory Reform,
    Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate,
    Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch,
    Health Canada,
    Address Locator: AL3503D
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Facsimile: (613) 941-7240

    The proposed regulations are not yet finalized. Your comments will be taken into consideration in the development of final regulations, which is expected for Spring 2013.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    40 an oz? of purple kush? haha.. yeah that would be nice.

    greenmonster19 Active Member

    its true.. I pay 40

    Claypipe Active Member

    wow man harpper needs to be gone, we need a new president
    x iGrow x

    x iGrow x Active Member

    ^^Prime Minister??

    Claypipe Active Member

    Yeah i know, i just have a habit of saying president

    greenmonster19 Active Member

    haha same.. silly newfies

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