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Can You Use T5 Fluorescent Lamps for Veg AND Flowering?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Harorld, Sep 2, 2010.


    Harorld Member

    I was going to set up a 400w MH/HPS grow tent for two or three plants, but I'm liking the idea of less heat (means less noise from fans etc...).

    - What would be an equivalent T5 Fluorescent Lamp replacement for a 400w MH/HPS in this context?
    - Can you use T5 Fluorescent Lamps for veg and flowering?

    Thanks guys

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Yes you can use t5 for veg and flower.I would rather you veg with t5s and flower with the 400 but the choice is yours not mine.I would say you need around 8 bulbs if not more to add up to a 400 watt and it still wont penetrate like a 400 hps would.Good luck with your grow.

    Harorld Member

    Thanks for the info. 8 bulbs it is. You can simply use the same 8 bulb setup for veg and flowering and simply switch to 12/12?

    Do you take a major hit in yield per plant when you go the t5 route vs a 400w mh/hps route?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Very major.It will probably give you half what you would get using the 400.You can keep the t5s close but they are still floros so they will not penetrate like the 400 will.

    GrowingEachDay Member

    u wont cut back in yield using the t5s during flower if u have scrog up because than penetration doesnt matter all of your buds are even getting light i just finished my grow using 2 t5s worked great!

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Fuck yes. @RM3 ask him, u can grow dank with them
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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    Scrogging is the way to go with T5 and flowering. Just use the proper spectrums. I'd personally go with the HPS though for flowering. T5s are absolutely wonderful for vegging though. Theyre low heat. Low power. No noise. They'll surprise you with their veg power.

    Beezcheeze Well-Known Member

    My t5 fixture has white light bulbs for veg and more f a red light bulb for flower. So you can flower with it im sure. Definitly better to go with hps or something stronger

    truereligion1 Member

    150W mh. For veg(low heat, great penetration). Hps for flower. I like to keep things uniform. T5 seeds and clones. I remember when i tried using spot lights!!! I've came along way since.

    RM3 Well-Known Member

    IMO you should only choose to flower with T5's if you want quality over quantity. Yield is possible but it takes a good grower to get it. It also cost a bit more to get the right bulbs for the spectrum. You can see what is possible in my sig links
    old shol4evr

    old shol4evr Well-Known Member

    RM3 were can i find your journal on 12/1 cycle
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    old shol4evr

    old shol4evr Well-Known Member

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