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can you trim an autoflower?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by i heartmj, Jan 7, 2010.

    i heartmj

    i heartmj Active Member

    I am growing an auto white dwarf and today is day 7 flowering. Her lower bud sites don't seem to be getting enough light so I pulled some of the bigger fan leaves away and under. I didn't cut any.

    Can I trim (some like 3 or 4) some of the bigger fan leaves to get more light to the lower budsites? or should I just leave them alone and let it do what it does?

    tmpsx Active Member

    Its hard to say without pictures. Do your plants have lots of leaves (enough to spare a few)? Personally, I wouldn't do anything no matter what. The bigger leaves are taking in more CO2 and light than the smaller ones and are helping your plant grow big and strong. The lower sites will produce smaller buds no matter what so trimming the leaves isn't really going to help them that much. If the leaves are dead or dying, go for it. Good luck!
    i heartmj

    i heartmj Active Member

    ok thanks.. I will leave her alone. she is really healthy so I don't want to fuck with her. I just thought I'd ask. thanks again.

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