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Can You Top? Last and Supercrop Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Flowering?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by PurPle BuDs, Apr 12, 2011.

    PurPle BuDs

    PurPle BuDs Member

    The site says it takes 55 days from start to finish so would it make that longer, or would it kill the plant or is there just no point, if i can at what point would?
    Mainly in lst and topping thanks
    PurPle BuDs

    PurPle BuDs Member

    also can you clone this plant????
    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    i can help here. heres some pics of some autoflower lowryder i am growing and lst'n. they are about 42 days or something and wont be ready for another 2 or 3 weeks at least. if you top it realize that no matter what kind of plant you top, itll stunt growth somewhat for a certian amount of time to heal the wound, then it will resume growth. from my experience i noticed slow growth anywhere between 4to10days after i top my plant, just depends on how strong the genetics of the plants are.

    not sure if you can clone them... would assume that if you tried they would just keep flowering so i have never tried.

    lst'n dwarf plants is awesome to open up some of those hard to get areas where light cant penetrate, i also like to cut off the node/fan leaf sets toward the bottom of the plant that wont be getting much light.
    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    as you can see the plant i topped is taking much longer to flower than the rest
    PurPle BuDs

    PurPle BuDs Member

    thnks i will clone my second plant and tell you if it worked or not, hope it does tht would be sooo kl

    lightbox Member

    once it establishes roots its still the same age as the mother plant, say you cloned at day 20 of 55...it will heal, then flower for the next 35 days if im not mistaken

    mr.sessemia Well-Known Member

    you can clone an auto flower but from what ive read it would be pointless beacause the clone is the same age as the mother they automatically flower meaning there is no veg period

    theloff Member

    just a quik question from a first time grower iv grown three afghan kush ryders and was wandering how long from the first signs of flowers to actual buds forming as i am absolute noob any reply would be much apreciated thx

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